2020 Grand Finale: Updates to MMC, Web Projector, and New Kits!

It’s safe to say that 2020 has been a momentous year. From virtual conferences and brand new avatars, to the world’s first holoportation in VR (Thanks, Diplo!). We are proud of the work we’ve done, grateful for the opportunities we’ve had, and excited to head into a brand new year with so much momentum. Before we officially call it a wrap on 2020, here are the final updates of the year:

Web Projector Moves into Open Beta

The AltspaceVR Web Projector is a robust media-sharing solution that allows you to stream a designated browser tab from your desktop PC directly into AltspaceVR. For several weeks the feature has been available to a select group of event hosts, but today we’re excited to announce that the Web Projector is now in Open Beta and available to all!

Although we’re still working on certain elements and polish, the Web Projector can now be accessed through the World Editor. Open Beta means there’s still work to be done, so please send any feedback you have (and any bugs you may find).

For full details and instructions on how to set up and access the Web Projector, check out our help article “Using the Web Projector to Stream Your Browser“.

Multimedia Consorl User interface as seen in AltspaceVR

Updates to the Multimedia Console

Starting on January 1, 2021 we will officially be sunsetting YouTube support through our Multimedia Console due to service compliance incompatibilities. This change will also affect any user-built MREs that currently allow YouTube as a video-streaming option.

We know this affects many events and are working to offer more options for streaming music content. You can still stream YouTube videos using our Web Projector and we hope to make this feature more user-friendly in the near future. If you want to use the Multimedia Console for playing music, we recommend exploring other video-streaming platforms that are compatible with the Multimedia Console, such as dlive. We’ll continue to evolve our Multimedia Console and hope to bring more platforms to the player in 2021.

New Kits + Edible Marshmallows Return

Interactables, or props that “activate” when used, add a subtle and charming flare to virtual events and worlds. From crowd-favorites like sparklers and paper airplanes, to social games line Bean Bag Toss, Basketball, and Darts– we’re releasing a whole list of options for all to enjoy. View the complete list below and access these options in-world through the World Editor > Editor Panel > Kits.

Interactables Kit:

  • Basketball (individual)
  • Bean Bag Board
  • Blue/Red Bean Bag
  • Marshmallow Bag/Stick (updated!)
  • Bottle Rocket (individual)

Indoor Props Kit (new):

  • Paper Ball
  • Dart Board
  • Red/Blue Dart Balls
  • Paper Airplane
  • Waste Paper Basket

Outdoor Props Kit (new):

  • Drumstick
  • Marimba
  • Sparkler Box

Event Tools:

  • Laser Pointer
  • Host-Only Laser Pointer
  • Microphone
  • Host-Only Microphone

With that, we wish you a wonderful new year and look forward to brining you more features, content, and community in 2021. All the best from the AltspaceVR team. Thank you!