Worlds: Guidelines & Features

UPDATED: June 28, 2022

Note: Worlds is a Beta feature. To access, Enable Worlds Beta from Settings/General in the AltspaceVR app.  

If you’ve been in AltspaceVR it’s very likely that you’ve visited a world or two. Worlds are environments built by users, and they range in size and scope from underwater cities to extraterrestrial landscapes–and everything in between. In fact, many of our regularly scheduled events happen in worlds are built specifically by the hosts, moderators, and fans. Since launch, Worlds have grown quickly and given many Altspacers a great canvas to work with when it comes to experimentation and trying new things. And yet, as you may have noticed from the pretty red banner in your menu, Worlds is a Beta feature. This means that we’re still figuring out how to optimize this content and make it the best it can be. Today, we’re happy to announce a better Beta version of Worlds.   

Opting in to Beta 

In true Beta-fashion, we’ll be switching to an opt-in model for Worlds. We want users to understand that Worlds are an ever-changing feature within AltspaceVR. Beginning in early December, users will be given the opportunity to toggle the Worlds feature on/off. All current world-builders will remain opted-in, so if you’re a Worlds aficionado don’t worry, you’ll still see the Worlds tab in your menu bar. 


Our world-builders want to be able to show off their creations but building performant and mobile-friendly environments can be a tricky challenge. So, we’re excited to announce all new world-building guidelines! Clear guidelines will mean that more users will be able to enjoy well-built, beautiful Worlds; and world-builders will have a clearer understanding of what it takes to create amazing environments in AltspaceVR. Here are a few links to help keep your Worlds performant:  

We’re excited to see how worlds in AltspaceVR will continue to grow and evolve. Thanks for helping us make this Beta better and please feel free to share your thoughts and feedback with us on Discord in the #feedback channel. Thanks, everyone for sharing your thoughts!