About AltspaceVR


AltspaceVR is the leading social platform for virtual reality. Our mission is to bring people together and foster real connections in VR—whether that’s sharing a laugh with someone from another part of the world, playing a round of disc golf with a friend, or attending a live concert, comedy show, or event. We’ve seen comedians perform, long distance relationships become easier, presidential debate viewings, and even people overcome their social anxiety—and this is only the beginning.


What they're saying


“I understood what social VR can do – it makes you believe you’re actually there with others.”
Aaron frank, Motherboard



“…the more I see my robot move when I move, the more it feels like it’s me…the virtual world feels physical”
Aarti Shahani, NPR All Things Considered



“…the social layer of virtual reality, connecting people across fixed and mobile VR headsets.”
Josh Constine, TechCrunch



“Thanks to AltspaceVR, I finally understood why Facebook dropped $2 billion on a virtual reality company: Social is, and has always been, the application that drives technologies forward.”
Dave Smith, Business Insider



“strikingly human. I can read the little signals that show someone is paying attention…”
Adi Robertson, The Verge



“As things stand, AltspaceVR is the definitive social and professional space in VR, and it’s not looking likely that AltspaceVR will be giving away that mantle any time soon.”
Kevin Joyce, VRFocus