AltspaceVR Beginner’s Guide

Hello! Welcome to AltspaceVR.

As the premier platform for live, mixed reality Events and experiences, AltspaceVR contains infinite opportunities for human connection and collaboration. With this app, you can create or attend a seemingly endless array of virtual Events. Live concerts, conferences, comedy shows, festivals, tech talks, team meetings, remote collaborations, we’ve got it all! And thanks to our expressive avatars, spatial sound, and immersive virtual environments, AltspaceVR allows people to feel like they’re together even when oceans apart.

Though AltspaceVR is easy to use, this guide is designed to help newbies get up and running and exploring our platform as quickly as possible.

Get Started

  • Gear you Need
  • Installation
  • Account Creation

Get Your Bearings

  • Tutorials: Navigate, Interact, Avatar Customizations, and more.
  • The Title Screen
  • The Main Menu
  • The Radial Menu

Get Going

  • Finding and Attending Events
  • Entry Codes
  • Exploring Worlds

Get Social

  • Finding and Making Friends
  • Taking and Sharing Selfies and Snapshots
  • Community Standards

Build Events

  • Create your own Event

Build Worlds

  • Build your own World

Get Help

As you explore the platform, you may have questions that need answers and problems that need solutions. Fortunately, there are many avenues for help – in VR and otherwise.

We are here to support and assist you, so please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Here are some of the best resources:

Tech Support

Reach out to tech support with any questions or concerns.

Get Help


Find detailed information on all things AltspaceVR.

Go to Docs


Chat with fellow Altspacers and staffers on this popular messaging app.