AltspaceVR releases new lobby, game shows, and community leaders program

Posted on June 20, 2018

Buckle in your headsets! Every month we unveil what we’ve been working on and what’s new to AltspaceVR at our Town Hall. Join Alex Kipman and Keegan Law as we take one virtual step closer into the future together.

New Hangout Space: Origin

So many people have hung out in our campfire—making their first VR friends, attending their first event, and starting a new universe of connections. Now after a year, we want to give our campfire a sister space for users to form more memories and friendships.

Introducing “Origin”, a new environment in AltspaceVR, designed for bringing people together.

Origin is a place with mysterious origins. Is it the origin of the universe? Or of AltspaceVR? Maybe it’s the vortex of all connections—come meet real people in virtual reality and have real conversations.

Community Leaders Program

We’re making it easier for you to find nice people to talk to and ask your questions to. We’re deputizing the folks in our community who time and time again stand-out as community leaders. Look for the badge with a lightning bolt if you are looking for a friendly person in AltspaceVR.

New experiences: Game Shows

There’s a lot to do in AltspaceVR but our events really give people a reason to come together. We want to give you more ways to easily host events and have fun. Discover two new activities that can be turned into full game shows. All we need is a host and I know there are some funny, friendly members in our community who would rock at this.

Tongue-tied: Get the right word from your brain to your lips. Better be a quick thinker! Players compete to be the best at naming 6 items based on a category. The trick? You only have six seconds. Play now and see who is can think on their feet.

Trivia: Beat your friends to the answer in this fast paced trivia game between an audience of people. If you make it to the finals, you’ll face-off in a final game show on stage against the best of the best.

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