AltspaceVR releases new avatars and announces Reggie Watts’ return

Posted on December 13, 2018

This is our biggest release of the year! We’re unveiling a lot of new toys for you to play with and explore.

New Avatars

First, you’ve been asking for new avatar options for a while and it’s finally go time for your get-up. Jump into VR and try on your new look. Now you can change a variety of options: hats, eye-color, facial hair, glasses, and outfits. We hope the new options give you more ways to feel like yourself in our virtual world.

Watch 2D livestream: Thursday, December 13th @ 5:30 pm PT.

The Reggie Watts Live Experience

Reggie Watts from The Late Late Show will be doing a once-in-a-lifetime VR experience live in AltspaceVR. Expect a comedy/music show combined with the unlimited possibilities of VR.

This may be the greatest VR event ever (yes we are prepared to live up to that) and we plan to pull out all of the stops. You won’t want to miss this! RSVP now so you won’t forget.


New interactions

We added new ways for you to move around and feel comfortable in VR. Now you can choose between an arc teleporter and a line so you can get to previously hard-to-reach areas. We also added blinders, which have helped people feel more comfortable while walking in VR. You can choose what works best for you under settings in your menu.

Lastly, we added a bunch of new throwing/catching mechanics and easier ways to grab items. Gear VR and Oculus Go can now throw items instead of “charging” them. Also, when you hover over something you can interact with, it turns a slight blue. We also added more natural shadows to provide better distance feedback.

Tons of new content

We’re always looking for more ways to make you smile in VR. Check out our newest environment, Vista, built in a new art style that we’re excited to bring to more environments in AltspaceVR. We’ve also released a new video player (that includes Mixer support), new Holograms Against Humanity and a new winter-themed campfire (coming this month!).

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