AltspaceVR releases new Worlds and custom building kits

AltspaceVR just released the easiest way to create your own shareable space in virtual reality. Easily drag and drop objects in a space on all AltspaceVR-compatible headsets — including Oculus Go and Gear VR. Save the space and then invite others to join your space. This is step one of a greater plan to make sure our community can help build AltspaceVR with us. Today our community will have basic kits that they can use to build their environment. We’ll aim to release more kits so folks can have more options to customize their world.

Discover Featured Spaces

A view of several event on the events page on the AltspaceVR website.

This experience is fun and easy no matter what level you’re at. Choose from a kit based on our most popular environments, Campfire and Alien Planet, and make it your own. Excited? Attend a world-building event to connect with the design and development community and help make AltspaceVR a world that encompasses all of your creativity.

We’re so excited to see the new worlds you build in virtual reality. We’ll feature the best worlds and share your world on @AltspaceVR on Twitter and Facebook. We can’t wait to see all of your wonderful creations.

For images of landscapes and objects AltspaceVR users have made: An iceberg scene, a big face with picket teeth, a sea themed world, and a giant figure.

Building Kits: Campfire & Alien Planet

Build custom worlds and new virtual hangouts. Customize the environment by choosing assets from our curated library of shapes, structures, and flora. Show us your creativity! Create spaces with structure, design, and purpose.

Update also includes the ability to:

  • create virtual hangout spaces for friends and community.
  • create custom versions of Campfire and Alien Planet.
  • host multiplayer social games in VR.
  • import and showcase all your in-world photography snaps.
  • add teleporters to common spaces (Campfire/Origin) or straight to your friends’ world.
  • change the mood of your World with different skies and sounds.
  • create labels.

Start building your new World

  • Go to the AltspaceVR website ( and login to your account.
  • Select Worlds on your menu.
  • Select Create to start on a new World. Or continue to edit a World you built.
  • Give your World a name, a profile picture, and choose a starting environment. Templates include: Base Worlds and SDK Playground Worlds. Virtual spaces for both newbies and creative developers to build custom Worlds, share with friends or host events.
  • Once in-world, activate your dashboard by clicking on the Space Editor . The adventure begins! Choose from a variety of objects, shapes, assets, and more to create custom Worlds. Browse through our curated library of platforms and flora in VR or on PC/Mobile app to build virtual spaces.

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