New cross-platform shooter. Great on Gear VR!

Recently, AltspaceVR has focused on “Activities” – purposeful rooms that any user can start up and moderate. We are committed to releasing a new activity every week, and have over 20 to choose from including Boss Monster, Holograms Against Humanity, SculpTogether, YouTube Jukebox, and more.

Our latest activity is AntiHedral, a simple but fast paced shooter. Gear VR, Vive, or Rift users can hop in, teleport along walls and under surfaces, and blast away enemies while trying to search for their team’s core!

Video conference shared Screen with small image of man in his office wearing a headset. Larger screenshare is of a sky with stars and the words "uh oh Bruce, you gonna die?"

Our goal was to make a shooter where a Gear VR user would not feel disadvantaged to a Rift or Vive user, and we think we came pretty close to that goal. This project is much different than our usual fare and has been worked on for a while, so we are excited to see what you think of it. See you in space!

How does it work:

  1. Choose “Host an Activity” and choose “AntiHedral”.
  2. Pick Red or Blue team by teleporting into that color.
  3. Face off with the other team to locate and destroy the other team’s nucleus, a pulsing octahedron.
  4. The nucleus will relocate when damaged.
  5. Players can teleport onto walls and ceilings to avoid enemy fire and gain an advantageous position.
  6. When hit, a layer of your shields will be stripped away.
  7. The game ends when one nucleus is destroyed.