House Party: the hottest place to chill out in VR

Posted on April 28, 2017

Join us in AltspaceVR’s new House Party space—have a backyard BBQ, listen to music, and toss a frisbee with friendly people in virtual reality. House… Read More

Gear VR controllers for AltspaceVR

We’re excited to announce that AltspaceVR is one of the first apps available for use with Gear VR touch controllers. These new handheld controllers provide… Read More

From VR to IRL: Lifelong Friendship a Year In the Making

Earlier this year, seven avatars took their friendship from VR to IRL (in real life) and they invited AltspaceVR’s very own community manager, Lisa K,… Read More

New Set of Developer Tools and Building Blocks for VR

AltspaceVR is fortunate to have a talented group of community developers who use our software tools (or SDK) to develop unique… Read More

Upright Citizens Brigade brings Definitely Dying podcast to AltspaceVR

On March 23rd, hypochondriac-comedians Ben Axelrad and Madeline Walter hosted the first VR version of their popular podcast,… Read More

How to hold a meeting in virtual reality

Hold a meeting in VR with unlimited attendees with AltspaceVR. Team members can join from all major headsets: Oculus Rift/Go/Quest, HTC… Read More

Introducing the Visiting Earth Podcast Series

Jeremy Loya and Aaron Frank take audiences on a journey into the expansive unknown. Seeking the ‘extra’ within and around our ordinary terrestrial selves, co-creators… Read More

I spent International Women’s Day in VR

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Virtual Reality Pop’s homepage featured top… Read More

AltspaceVR surprises a long-distance couple in VR with a love song for Valentine’s Day

Aside from their day jobs, there are two things that AltspaceVR employees have an affinity for: playing musical instruments and loving their community of users. Read More