New avatars available in AltspaceVR

Posted on December 16, 2015

Today, we’re releasing two new robot avatars and an exciting new avatar line–our first human avatars. Launch AltspaceVR to try them out… Read More

How to play D&D in VR

  Playing Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) in AltspaceVR is just like playing D&D in person. All you need is a party, a dungeon master, and… Read More

Gear VR Alpha 0.1a Patch Notes

We released a new build of our Gear VR alpha app today. Current functionality Avatar support Head tracking VOIP Visible public displays for webpages Gaze… Read More

Try spatialized audio in AltspaceVR

We’re excited to announce that voice audio in AltspaceVR is now spatialized using the Oculus Audio SDK. The result is much more natural-sounding voices that… Read More

Set up full body mocap in VR with Perception Neuron

Some fun footage from our Perception Neuron demo event. If you’ve attended any of our recent events like our Vrtuoso #VRTechTalks or product announcements,… Read More

Choose boring technology – VR Tech Talk by Dan McKinley

  Dan McKinley, an early engineer at and current engineer at Stripe, knows first-hand how much choosing the right technology matters for… Read More

Attend Oculus Connect 2 in VR

In the future, though, you’ll probably want to skip the real conference in favor of the VR feed with no annoying limits or… Read More

Social VR Week 2015

  We’re excited to announce AltspaceVR’s first Social VR Week. Starting September 14th, we’ll be hosting a series of events in AltspaceVR… Read More

How to watch YouTube in VR (or Twitch, Netflix, etc.)

Want to watch YouTube, Netflix, or any online video in VR? Here’s a simple guide on how to project a video to a… Read More