Play your favorite apps easily in AltspaceVR

Posted on March 3, 2016

We’ve made it easier for you to run and play your favorite apps in AltspaceVR. Invite your friends to get together and play a… Read More

Play Disc Golf in Virtual Reality with Friends

“It’s probably the best multiplayer fun available in VR right now and is an excellent social experience. Go. Now.” –Seen on reddit… Read More

Play Boss Monster in Virtual Reality

Where is the best place to play an 8 bit retro-celebrating card game? In virtual reality of course. We’ve transported Cerebellus, Draculord, Gorgona and… Read More

AltspaceVR turns Tumblr into your own personal gallery

  AltspaceVR brings your favorite images and hangs them on the wall in your own personal gallery. “Art is an easy way to share an… Read More

Play Trivia with Real People in Virtual Reality

Virtual reality just got its first trivia night with our newest game: Sketchy Quiz. If you don’t know us yet, AltspaceVR is an… Read More

Kick off of #VR Hype Tour 2016 was a raving success. Next stop: Vancouver and NYC

Hey there Altspacers – Quick update here on the #VRhypetour 2016: we just wrapped up in Seattle and are now taking a little break… Read More

New avatars available in AltspaceVR

Today, we’re releasing two new robot avatars and an exciting new avatar line–our first human avatars. Launch AltspaceVR to try them out… Read More

How to play D&D in VR

  Playing Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) in AltspaceVR is just like playing D&D in person. All you need is a party, a dungeon master, and… Read More

Gear VR Alpha 0.1a Patch Notes

We released a new build of our Gear VR alpha app today. Current functionality Avatar support Head tracking VOIP Visible public displays for webpages Gaze… Read More