Worlds: Guidelines & Features

Posted on November 13, 2019

If you’ve been in AltspaceVR it’s very likely that you’ve visited a world or two. Worlds are environments built by users, and they range in size and… Read More

Summoning the Spirit of Fun

It’s Halloween season and we’ve got plenty of spirited things going on in AltspaceVR, including full-blown Haunted House featuring spooky shenanigans! We’re getting into character… Read More

Start a conVRsation

Ever wonder if the thing you’re thinking about, is also on the mind of someone else? Wouldn’t it be nice if connecting with like-minded people… Read More

Content is King in AltspaceVR

With our big launch on the Oculus Quest a mere 2 days away, we’re celebrating in style: by releasing a whole bunch of content updates… Read More

Hosting Just Got Easier

Hosting is hard. We get it. You want to make sure everything turns out well and often that means juggling a lot of things at… Read More

How to take your remote business to the next level with Social VR

As remote businesses and work opportunities become more prevalent, the ability to communicate efficiently regardless of physical location will become an integral part in a… Read More

SYFY presents Eleven Eleven Fireside Chats in AltspaceVR hosted by Jesse Damiani of VRScout

SYFY presents Eleven Eleven ft. Jaime Bencia & Michael Salmon Join supervising producer Jaime Bencia and creator/producer Michael Salmon for a fireside chat to… Read More

Live Entertainment & Comedy Shows in Social VR

Some of the best things about VR are the creativity and relationships that it sparks. People gather from all over the world to unite around… Read More

Community Spotlight: Educators In VR

Immersive pioneers revolutionize remote education with interactive experiences in social VR Educators in VR is an open community of educators using, discussing, sharing and learning… Read More