Springtime in AltspaceVR

Posted on April 19, 2019

As the weather outside starts to warm up, we’re also in a Spring mood here in AltspaceVR. Come explore our new Spring Campfire… Read More

Community Helper Program

What is a Community Helper? Community Helpers are regular AltspaceVR community members who volunteer their time to share information, teach others,… Read More

Fall in friend-love during our special Valentine’s events in AltspaceVR

Valentine’s Week in AltspaceVR A full-on dance party is going on not once, but twice for Valentine’s Day. What better way to feel the… Read More

AltspaceVR releases new avatars and announces Reggie Watts’ return

This is our biggest release of the year! We’re unveiling a lot of new toys for you to play with and explore. New Avatars First,… Read More

Winter Festivities in AltspaceVR

Winter Holiday Calendar Join the holiday celebration here in AltspaceVR ❄️ To get you ready for a month full of adventure and cheers, we’ve curated a list… Read More

Get ready for Halloween in AltspaceVR

New Spooky Halloween Kit and Performance Improvements Get ready for Halloween by customizing your own World with the new Halloween Kit. Pumpkins, cauldrons, and more… Read More

AWE 2018 Talks in AltspaceVR

Couldn’t attend AWE 2018 in person? Join us in AltspaceVR for a screening of the most intriguing and innovative talks, keynotes, and panels from the World’s… Read More

Let’s Speak: new VR language meetups

  Want to meet new people? Looking to speak about virtual reality or augmented reality in Spanish or Japanese? Subscribe to our new channel,… Read More