Shoot blasters in new Battle Academy

Posted on July 14, 2016

Welcome to laser tag of the future! AltspaceVR introduces Holoblasters, our newest experience. Now you can shoot laser blasts at your friends and family. Read More

Introducing space bubble

Today we’re announcing our latest tool to provide you with more control over your experience in AltspaceVR: a space bubble. The space bubble creates a… Read More

Reggie Watts performs to the largest crowd in VR ever

On May 26th, 2016, people from all over the world joined a momentous night for virtual reality. Thousands of people laughed and… Read More

Play Poker in AltspaceVR

Now you can play poker with your friends from the comfort of your living room with AltspaceVR’s first edition of the classic game. We’re releasing… Read More

Social Communication Design in VR

“Everything you can imagine is real.” ― Pablo Picasso As Picasso’s quote above serves to illustrate, the capacity of the human imagination to generate alternate… Read More

New Holo Blade will melt your happy face off

There is a fight going on in AltspaceVR that may decide the fate of our virtual civilization. Luckily you will be armed with the latest… Read More

New D&D features: pick up figurines, custom maps

Since the Vive launch, we’ve received a ton of  requests for figurines that you can pick up with your controllers. With the latest release of… Read More

Breakthrough tech gives everyone a front row seat at events

We’re pumped to announce FrontRow, a new technology that gives everyone a front row seat to events in VR and gives hosts limitless capacity at their… Read More

AltspaceVR for Slack

AltspaceVR + Slack Meet your team in virtual reality. Easily start VR Calls for your team inside Slack To start a VR Call, just type… Read More