A Very Sad Goodbye

Posted on July 28, 2017

It is with a tremendously heavy heart that we let you all know that we are closing down AltspaceVR on August 3rd, 7PM PDT. The… Read More

Bill Nye in AltspaceVR

If you are a child of the 90s, chances are Bill Nye played a large part in your elementary school sciences classes. It was always… Read More

NBC News announces new science and technology series in VR

MACH, NBC News’ new digital vertical focused on innovation and technology, is… Read More

AltspaceVR spotlights new full-body capture technology

Feeling present in VR relies on bringing the core characteristics of a person into a virtual space. Voice, head-movement, body movement, hands; these are all… Read More

Aliens VR director does live commentary inside a 360 video

On the eve of the premiere of Alien: Covenant, the newest addition to the Alien series, AltspaceVR hosted an Alien event of their own. Read More

Announcing 360 Theater: hang out with friends inside a 360 video

Now you can hang out with friends and the AltspaceVR community inside a 360 video with our newest activity: 360 Theater. Read More

Aida Rodriguez brings her signature comedic style to AltspaceVR

Joined by fellow comedians Paul Elia, Antoine Young, and Helen Hong, Aida Rodriguez headlined a night of raucous laughter in AltspaceVR on Thursday, April 27. Read More

Comedy Living Room comes to AltspaceVR

On Thursday, April 27th, Comedy Living Room — a comedy show based in LA that got its start when Matt Lottman and Frank… Read More

Party Portal: The easiest way to organize together in AltspaceVR

We’re excited to announce the newest way to connect with people in AltspaceVR—the Party Portal. Create a portal, choose an activity, and invite your friends… Read More