The Real People of AltspaceVR: Meet Kai

Posted on January 20, 2017

AltspaceVR is lucky to have a talented group of community developers who use our software tools (or SDK) to bring things to life… Read More

Paint like Picasso in AltspaceVR

Watch Pablo Picasso’s Seated Woman come to life in VR as it is recreated with the Paint Studio app:… Read More

Obama’s farewell address in VR

Last night, a group came together in AltspaceVR to watch President Obama deliver his farewell address to the nation. The mood was tranquil and respectful… Read More

Is VR the future of education?

Virtual Reality has the potential to shake up a lot of industries, and if you’ve read Ready Player One, then you’ve seen a glimpse of… Read More

Robert Scoble holds book launch in VR

Entrenched in the tech and digital worlds since before DOS was popular, tech evangelist Robert Scoble and prolific writer Shel Israel performed their first reading… Read More

New holiday activity

Our newest activity is the perfect place for a get-together in AltspaceVR for the holidays. Visit this winter lodge nestled in… Read More

New “Playground” makes AltspaceVR the fastest way
to create cross-platform content for virtual reality

We’re making it easier than every to develop apps that run in AltspaceVR. Our team released a beta version of “Playground”: a massive update to… Read More

Reggie Watts Live: The Musical Experiment

Last Tuesday, eminent noise contortionist Reggie Watts performed an experiment in AltspaceVR. The setting a mix between Willy Wonka’s disorienting boat ride through the chocolate… Read More

Send messages in AltspaceVR

You can now send messages to any of your friends who are currently in AltspaceVR. Want to invite a friend to play a… Read More