Breakthrough tech gives everyone a front row seat at events

We’re pumped to announce FrontRow, a new technology that gives everyone a front row seat to events in VR and gives hosts limitless capacity at their events. With FrontRow, thousands of people can attend an event together despite their geographic location and feel like they are there in person. The technology will debut on May 26th when Reggie Watts will perform live at what is expected to be the largest attended event in VR. RSVP here.

Animated image of Reggie Watts' avatar waving to everyone.

This release could be a game changer for the industry, and opens doors for the use of VR as a communications medium for consumer and business markets. Most experiences today in VR are solitary. Even multiplayer VR games typically include only a small group of 4-6 people. AltspaceVR’s FrontRow makes it possible for thousands of people to experience events together yet be with their friends and just a few feet away from the performer in VR – without leaving their living room.

Woman in a headset with a smile of amazement.

How it works

AltspaceVR’s FrontRow technology intelligently mirrors performers’ avatars to all the audience locations. The performance spaces are automatically added as more and more people join. The performer’s gestures, movements and voice are instantly shared in all the performance spaces.

With the VR Call feature, included when AltspaceVR is downloaded from Google Play, users can invite just their friends to enjoy an event in a private space. Users can join FrontRow experiences from a variety of VR platforms including Facebook’s Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and on mobile with Samsung Gear VR.

AltspaceVR delivers a front row experience regardless if 40 or 40,000 people attend.

Got a project that could benefit from FrontRow? Contact us!