Come work with us

Here at AltspaceVR, we’re excited to be on the cutting edge of virtual reality technology, building a company whose potential is bigger than we’ve begun to realize. We’re a diverse and well-rounded group of doers with a passion for the product we’re collectively building. If you think you’d be a good fit, please check out the open positions below—we’re always looking for talented additions to the AltspaceVR team!

Senior Software Engineer

What you’ll do: • Build features for our backend API, Admin Console, and website (Ruby on Rails) • Write jobs for Apache Kafka that power features like Front Row (Java) • Maintain our analytics pipeline • Work closely with the team to deliver novel Mixed Reality experiences.

Software Engineer

Microsoft’s Analog Studios division is all-in on defining the software platform for the next paradigm of human/computer interaction. We will combine Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies into what we call Mixed Reality (MR), and we will enable the whole world to participate in building Mixed Reality shared experiences. This technology will fundamentally and forever transform how people interact with information and with each other, and even how they perceive the world around them. We’re looking for engineers who are driven to have this sort of impact.