Reminder for World Builders – Upcoming Update

Attention AltspaceVR World Builders! Our Big Upgrade is coming soon – September 15th – and we wanted to give you ONE LAST (FRIENDLY!) REMINDER TO… Read More

Render Tools Announcement

Attn: Altspace Creators & World Builders, As promised, we’re providing you with a preview build for the upcoming “Render Tools” update and giving you access… Read More

Important Information for Altspace World Builders

Attn: Altspace World Builders, We know the recent upgrade to Unity 2020.3 caused a lot of pain and frustration in the community. We know how difficult it has been. And while we’re always… Read More

Updating Content to Unity 2020.3.9

Cool news! AltspaceVR has upgraded to a recent version of Unity 2020.3.9. This update future-proofs us for some snappy features that we’re excited to unleash… Read More

New Welcome Features: Title Screen & Entry Codes

First impressions are important, so today we’re launching a two brand new “Welcome” features to make the AltspaceVR startup and entry flow simpler and more… Read More

Empowered Hosting: FrontRow Expansion, Room Cap Increases, and Updates to Channels

At AltspaceVR, we strive to build technology that gives people the power and the freedom to bring their visions to life, and to make meaningful… Read More

Introducing Microsoft Account Integration

AltspaceVR is evolving, and that means we’ve got some pretty cool things planned for our platform and our growing community. Today… Read More

2020 Grand Finale: Updates to MMC, Web Projector, and New Kits!

It’s safe to say that 2020 has been a momentous year. From virtual conferences and brand new avatars, to the world’s first holoportation in VR… Read More

Main Events & New Features for Hosts

At the heart of the AltspaceVR experience are events. Whether you’re looking to inform, educate, entertain, or simply connect with others, our calendar has plenty… Read More

New Social Features! Happy Holidays!

It’s okay to admit that the 2020 holidays are a little different than years past. Many of our plans have been curtailed and postponed, and… Read More