Community Helper Program

Posted on February 26, 2019

Community Helper Program

What is a Community Helper?

AltspaceVR is one of the most welcoming places in VR and that’s a large part due to our network of amazing Community Helpers. Community Helpers are members of AltspaceVR who want to help new visitors, show off what AltspaceVR has to offer, and exemplifies our community standards. You can find Community Helpers by hovering over an avatar and looking at their name tag. Community Helpers have a green outline and a Community Helper badge. If you ever have questions or want to make a new friend, Community Helpers are there to help.


All Community Helpers must be a part of AltspaceVR for at least two months before applying for the Community Helper Badge. To apply to be a Community Helper, you must fit three of four qualifications:

  1. You’ve hosted at least three featured events
  2. You’ve moderated at least three events
  3. You’ve built a world that delights users
  4. You’ve been recommended by a Community Support Team member

Requirements for a Community Helper:

  1. Be a welcoming face for new users
  2. Answer any questions
  3. Build the community you want to be a part of
  4. Follow and champion our community standards​

Ready to apply?

Great! Please apply here.

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