Community Helper Program

Posted on February 26, 2019

What is a Community Helper? 
Community Helpers are regular AltspaceVR community members who volunteer their time to share information, teach others, and serve as ambassadors of our community. They are familiar with the various aspects of AltspaceVR — such as event-hosting or world-building — and they exemplify and uphold our Community Standards. They are not Admins of AltspaceVR however, so if you need the attention of one of our team members, head over the the Campfire where Admins (identified by their gold badges) can be found 24/7.

How do I find a Community Helper? 
Community Helpers can often be found in the Campfire or in the InfoZone. You can identify them by hovering over an avatar and looking at their name tag. Community Helpers’ name tags have a green outline and a green heart badge. 

How can I become a Community Helper? 
All Community Helpers must be a part of AltspaceVR for at least three months before applying for the Community Helper role. To apply to be a Community Helper, you must meet a minimum of two out of three qualifications: 

  1. You’ve hosted at least three public events (featured and/or non-featured) in the past 6 mo. 
  2. You’ve moderated at least five featured events in the past 6 mo. 
  3. You’ve been recommended by a Community Support Team member for your awesome behavior. 

What would I be expected to do as a Community Helper? 

  1. Follow and champion our Community Guidelines
  2. Help teach other users how to use AltspaceVR: answer questions, staff the Info Zone a few hours a week, be available in the Campfire, chime in on Discord channels dedicated to discussion/feedback, etc.. 
  3. Help champion and promote AltspaceVR in a positive, mature, and professional way. This includes responsibly moderating the Info Zone, adhering to Community Guidelines, and being mindful of your commitment to champion AltspaceVR in all your interactions online, in-world, and in real life. 
  4. Participate in the community: attend Community Helper meetups, host events, join our Discord, create with the MRE, etc. 

Do I get special privileges as a Community Helper? 
Yes… our undying love and appreciation. Also:

  1. Vote-to-Suspend: As a Community Helper you are granted some additional safety tools, which allow you to take action against trolls and those in violation of our Community Standards. Please review the Rules & Responsibilities for Vote-to-Suspend, here.
  2. Access to a special Community Helpers channel in the Official AltspaceVR Discord server.
  3. Invitations to monthly Community Helper meetups.
  4. Early access to certain community announcements.

Ready to apply?
Great! Please APPLY HERE.


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