Community Spotlight: Cas and Chary VR

Posted on April 16, 2018

The Dutch Duo, Cas and Chary VR, are YouTube Content Creators focused on everything VR. After transforming their bedroom into a green-screen studio, they began creating mixed-reality videos reviewing everything from VR games, apps, equipment to social experiences. Their goal is to push the industry forward by sharing their own adventures in virtual worlds while inspiring people across the globe to buy their own headsets. Interviewed by Andy Fidel.

#GetSocial with Cas and Chary VR

Q1: What are your thoughts on Social VR?

Cas: We love Social VR! When we hosted a show on AltspaceVR, we were playing a game called “Kiss or Kill” while it was streaming so people people could watch us play in VR. We made a bunch of new friends.

Chary: It’s very fun and easy to talk to people in VR, much easier than in real life. You get to join all sorts of conversations and play games while meeting people from all over the world. On top of being able to hear people, you can actually use gestures and body language which is something you can’t do in other online games. You really feel like you’re all in it together.

Cas and Chary VR AltspaceVR

Q2: How did your channel come to life?

Cas: Once we had our first headset at home, we decided we wanted to play VR together. We then bought a second headset and we were like, we don’t know what experiences to buy and realized most people also have that problem. We wanted to try a lot of experiences anyways, so why not show other people what’s out there and hopefully push VR forward this way as well. That’s how the channel started.  

Chary: If you want to create a brand, you have to start with the why.
That’s what we trie
d to apply to our channel when we began designing our brand.

Cas and Chary VR AltspaceVR

Q3: How can immersive technology be used outside of the entertainment sphere?

Chary: I think VR has immense potential in terms of an educational revolution. When you learn in VR, it’s a real experience that creates a memory in your head. It’s more memorable that way, you’re actually doing stuff and seeing it, something you can’t do with books, to be honest.

Cas: In Holland, there’s a girl that made a social anxiety app for patients. Some people have such debilitating anxiety and can’t even go to the supermarket. Because people know VR is not “real,” they can go explore this social supermarket simulation and open up at their own pace. They tested it with over 100 people and it actually works.

Q4: How would you like to see the XR industry evolve in the next five years?

Cas: We’re hoping for open distribution platforms in the future. For example, instead of Oculus only hosting Oculus-Exclusive experiences, it could be open for everyone. Some multiplayer games don’t have enough players and they die out even if they’re really good games. The community is so small already. We need to unite and grow together.

Chary: VR is going to be more accessible and cheaper for consumers. It will also definitely be more immersive. Like, we’ll not only have controllers, but finger-tracking as well. It’s all coming, we just need to patient.

Q5: What are your goals for your YouTube channel?

Cas: In 5 years, we’re hoping for 200,000 subscribers. We want to expand our reviews beyond gaming only and cover other genres in VR, like educational pieces, Social VR experiences and other applications. Our goal is to help people to find each other in VR and broaden the community across the globe.  

Chary: I am also hoping that we will have a channel that is meaningful. A place to go in VR enthusiasts to gather information, to learn, but also to find and have fun with each other. 

Cas and Chary AltspaceVR

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