Content is King in AltspaceVR

Posted on September 10, 2019

With our big launch on the Oculus Quest a mere 2 days away, we’re celebrating in style: by releasing a whole bunch of content updates and changes! Because every special occasion requires a glamorous wardrobe, we’ve spent the past few weeks primping in front of the mirror! (You didn’t think we’d throw a party in our jammies, did ya?)

No dear friends, for this great occasion we are putting on our finest and putting our best foot forward. That’s right, we’re rolling out a whole bunch of new content including environments, interactables, new activities, and more! Users will be welcomed into beautifully designed environments (some new, some revamped for the occasion) built to house all kinds of events, and occasionally interconnected to allow for seamless exploration. New activities will offer plenty of game-play opportunities, and new interactables will put those fancy controllers to good use, serving as excellent ice breakers and conversation starters.

Here’s a glimpse into what you can expect to experience in AltspaceVR on Quest (or Go, Rift, GearVR, Vive, Windows Mixed Reality, and 2D mode on PC—no matter the gear, you’ll have access to all!) 

1. The Screen Door Effect – Built to house high numbers of users, this club venue is versatile enough to accommodate concerts, presentations, variety shows, screenings, and more! Now experiences like Video JukeBox (a collaborative music video watch-party) can quickly grow into full on parties. Debates, film-screenings, open mic nights, and more are all possible. You can even choose to hang outside chatting in small groups or take a moment to step away from the crowd.  

2. Orion Court – There’s nothing average about this basketball court. A charming, urban space modeled after the many legendary outdoor courts of basketball lore, Orion Court is game-ready with its interactive basketballs, passing trains, and neighboring corner store. With plenty of room to play-ball or just hang court-side on the bleechers, Orion Court is a great “outdoor” option for any experience.  

3. Lunar Loft – A multi-purpose space with a breathtaking view, the Lunar Loft is quick to become a fan-favorite for its scenic and soothing aesthetic. Equipped with a screen and built as a two-floor environment, it can easily house a rowdy round of AltQuiz while simultaneously offering plenty of room to chat one-on-one, away from the hype.   

4. The Boardroom – From flipping through slide after slide in a serious presentation to dueling a colleague in a lighthearted game of interactive paper-toss, The Boardroom welcomes all levels of professional expression. Designed as a place primed for a good brainstorm or creative writing workshop, it’s versatile enough to also serve as the primary arena for our brand new activity, Office Olympics.  

5. Summit – From laid-back hangout to a heated round of AltspaceVRs most popular game, Holograms Against Reality, the Summit serves as a great backdrop for just about any experience or event. Nested high above Altspace City, it feels both intimate and luxurious. Plus, that Holograms Against Reality game-table is truly a thing of beauty! 

6. Vista – The Vista’s vibrant colors and high-energy aesthetic are a clever nod to VR’s ability to turn imagined spaces into 360 degree places. The Vista is designed to be a home-away-from-home which means it’s great for everything from house parties to solo movie watching. It also serves as the backdrop for our new activity, Rooftop Games which tests your avatar’s hand-eye coordination. 

Nothin’ but net! Orion Court is a VR baller’s dream come true.

Since the Quest has been deemed a “game-changer” for VR’s adoption into the mainstream, we’re anticipating that for our launch we will welcome a wave of new users and first timers. To accommodate the influx and ensure a good first impression, our campfire–the central heart of the AltspaceVR experience–will now be part of a whole hub of welcome spaces, including the Street, the Office, and the Rooftop. Managed by our all-star team of CSTs and Community Helpers, these environments will serve as welcoming spaces for new users to get acquainted, meet others, and ask questions!

To make socializing easier, we’re also releasing a whole host of fun interactables so people can truly play together. From bean-bag-toss to basketball, there will be plenty of opportunity to start new conversations (and maybe even spawn friendly rivalries).

Bean Bag Toss is a great way to test your avatar’s hand-eye coordination

The Quest launch will also bring with it plenty of events. In fact, we’ve got tons planned for the next few days! From informational sessions like our Altspace101s and the brand new “It’s Quest Time” show created specifically to make new Altspacers feel right at home; daily dance parties; beekeeping meetups; interviews with AltspaceVR developers & special guests; and even romance-based game shows! Keep an eye on our events calendar to find all kinds of fun things to do in AltspaceVR. (And remember, it’s never too late to host an event of your own. More merriment, please!)

Join us in-world for more fun features, updates, live events, special guests, and more!

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