Creating & Hosting Events in AltspaceVR

Posted on March 4, 2020

Are you interested in sharing your gifts and talents with the VR world? Are you looking to make new friends or find like-minded folks to chat with? Do you have a community of followers or friends that you’d like to connect with in a more immersive way? Well, it sounds like you might want to consider hosting an event in AltspaceVR! Our weekly schedule is filled with everything from casual meet ups, performances, keynotes, workshops, panels, games, and more! Whatever your style, there’s an event format for you! If you’re curious about how to host an event in AltspaceVR, we’ve got you covered. Below is a step-by-step run through to help you get started.

Creating an Event

In AltspaceVR you can create an event online using our website or in-world from the comfort of your VR headset. Creating an event starts with one simple question: when? Would you like to spin up an ad-hoc quick event in the moment; or do you prefer to schedule your event to take place at a future time and/or date? Both are available options.


Next, decide what your event is about. You’ll need a title and a quick description to let audiences know what to expect. From here you can choose whether you’d like to use an automatic template image or if you’d like to customize your event with a tile image and banner of your very own. We recommend choosing your own, so you can stand out in the crowd and better brand your experience, but it’s totally up to you.

From here you’ll want to select an environment or world where you’d like to host your event. You can choose from many template spaces perfectly outfitted for all kinds of styles and formats. Our Vista Stage, for example, is a perfect “outdoor” space that offers plenty of seating and room for guests and audiences. Our Board Room space is great for smaller, more collaborative events like presentations. You can learn more about the different spaces and even view 3D models of them in-world by visiting our InfoZone.

One final decision you’ll need to make is whether you would like to request to have your event be createandhostfeatured. Featured Events are easier to find and are also listed on Oculus Events, to help audiences outside of AltspaceVR find them. Each featured event is reviewed by our Events Team who help ensure that everything looks good. A request may take a few days to approve, so if you’d like your event to be considered please make your request as far in advance as possible. To request a feature, simply check the “Request to Feature” box during your event creation process.

Once you’ve got your event created you can view it or modify it by going to the “My Events” section of the menu. In-world you’ll see it as one of the tabs under the “Events” section. If you’re using the website, the “My Events” tab will appear at the top of your menu panel once you’re signed into your account.

Hosting an Event

Congratulations on creating your first ever event! You’ve just joined a very cool community of creators who are pushing the envelope of innovation. Here’s what you need to know about being a VR event host:

As an event creator you can enter your event before anyone else. This way you can prepare your space for your soon-to-be guests. This is a great opportunity to queue up your slides, hang any posters, or prepare a video on the projection screen. The doors to your event will open a few minutes before the official start-time (unless you manually modify this during your event creation process). Once people start to arrive, you can start using your Host Panel to control the experience in your event.

The host panel gives you all the details you need to moderate your audience. Here you can choose to “Mute All” if you’re giving a presentation or performing an acoustic music set. You can enable “Hand Raises” if your event would benefit from some selective audience participation. You can even mute, megaphone, mirror, and kick individual guests all from the Host Panel. It’s your one-stop-shop to handle all of your moderation needs.

Hosting doesn’t have to be a solo endeavor. For each of your events you can choose to assign “Moderator” privileges to others, to help you run the show. Moderators also get access to the Host Panel and can help manage the behind-the-scenes needs, freeing you up to lecture, perform, engage, and more. In fact, you can assign Moderator privileges in your event using your Host Panel! It’s that simple!

So whether you’re preparing an industry panel with experts from all over the world, or you’re just looking to talk about the latest episode of that new Netflix show, you can easily spin up an event and share it with the world. And if you have any questions along the way, you can reach out to our Events Team for support or find other event creators on our Discord server who can help guide you.

That’s it! Now give it a shot:




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