Early Access Program

The Early Access Program lets you try out some new features that are still in development. They’re imperfect and will continue to evolve, but we’re ready to share if you’re interested in trying them out. As always, we’re eager to get your feedback so if you have suggestions, comments, or even questions let us know: altvr.com/feedback/

To enable Early Access Features go into the Settings section of your Menu and toggle on. This can be done both on our website and in-world, but you must be logged into your account first.

Here are the features that are currently part of our Early Access Program:

Moveable Menu
If you have 6DOF controllers (HTC Vive, Oculus Touch, Windows Mixed Reality), you will be able to move and resize the menus that appears at the bottom of your view. To move a menu, target the menu, hold the grab button, and move your hand to place. To resize a menu, hit left or right on the joystick or touchpad of your controllers while grabbing a menu.

Worlds & Groups
AltspaceVR boasts a truly impressive world-building community. While we continue to work on improvements to our World Building tools, you can now get an early sneak peak of the many wonderful environments built by our community. By opting into Worlds, you also enable the “Groups” feature. Groups essentially function as guest-lists. Using Groups you can decide who can enter your private World or Event. Learn more about using the Groups feature here.

We’re regularly adding new early access features, so please check back for the latest updates. Also, please share your feedback with us, as it helps us build a better product.
If you haven’t signed up for Early Access yet, you can opt-in on the user profile page.