Early April Client Enhancements

Posted on April 13, 2018

Greetings, Altspacers!

After thoroughly reviewing your feedback from our support tickets and social media comments (thank you to all our tweeps!), we are happy to announce updated features to better ensure that your virtual experience runs smoothly and uninterrupted.

Major refinements include a fix for Android and Gear VR devices as well as enhancements for 6-DOF controllers to create a more intuitive and flexible user experience. If you own an Android 8 or a Pixel 2 device, any incompatibility issues have been resolved and you can now access the menu tab again.

We appreciate your continuous support in helping us improve your social space. Our goal is to be as accessible to you as possible so please reach out if you have any further suggestions or concerns. Now, let’s get social.

Android Fix

  • AltspaceVR malfunctioned on Android 8 devices. Google also made some changes to the Android version of Chrome, which caused further incompatibilities.


The problem was:

  • Preventing the menus/screens of the cockpit from showing up.
  • Silencing player/voice-audio whenever web-audio started playing in an in-vr browser, such as when a YouTube video starts to play.
  • This affected Google Pixel 2 phones at first, but then started to affect GearVR users as Samsung started rolling out Android 8, and as Chrome auto-updated.
  • We rolled out a fix and now AltspaceVR runs well on Android and GearVR again.

New User-Input System on Android

  • AltspaceVR fixed Android-8 problems, we also switched all mobile users (GearVR and Daydream View) over to using a new User-Input system.
  • Consistent Windows system from past year. The user-input system was upgraded to support mobile 3-dof devices.



  • Includes a visible ray to the cursor.
  • The cursor now shows icons which changes depending on the target to help users understand how he/she can interact with that target.
  • Interactables work a little better: it’s now easier to pick up objects from the floor. Objects also no longer snap back to the center of your field of view if you swing them too far.
  • Scrolling has improved. Now smoother in the cockpit and on web-pages.
  • Player navigation is a little better.
  • On GearVR, you can move forward by just keeping your finger in place at the end of the swipe.
  • The teleport option is nicer and gives you better feedback.
  • Some mobile users will now be able to interact with physical tools like pens and laser-pointers.

User-Input Enhancements for Users With Six-DOF Controllers

  • Update available only for Early Access Program members.
  • The ability to switch from a right-hand cursor to left-hand or both.
  • The option to suppress the cursor altogether. Toggle buttons at the wrist.
  • When the cursor is suppressed, you can temporarily activate it by primary-pressing. The cursor will stay on for a few seconds, and then go away again on its own.


Keyboard enhancements:

  • Keyboard now appears within physical reach of the user and is set up for proximity touch-typing.
  • Keyboard remembers where you put it and re-appears there for up to 60 seconds.
  • HUDs elements like the cockpit, emoji-bar and event-controls are now movable and resizable.

Front-Row Event Enhancements

  • A new ‘Ask a question’ button will be available to audience members. It will be a toggle-button, so when users click it, it will stay on as long as they’re in the audience participation queue.

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