Eventful Holidays: Changing the way you discover, attend, and host events

Posted on December 2, 2019

It’s officially the season of light and, in keeping with the occasion, we are excited to announce several new features that will help you shine bright like the star that you are! After all, our community is one of the greatest things about AltspaceVR; and since we’re the premier place for events in virtual spaces, we decided to dry clean the stage-curtain, refresh the spotlight bulb, and reupholster the theater seats. That’s right, this holiday season it’s all about events. We’ve made finding them, attending them, and hosting them even easier. So, whether you’re looking for a place to meet up with friends over a friendly card game, or if singing your heart out is more your speed, we’ve got you covered for that and everything in between. 

Redefining Events 
In AltspaceVR, we’re redefining the word “event.” Because why should our limitless virtual world be limited to the norms of the real world? (BORING!) When you can talk about the latest meme with people from around the world or get on stage and entertain crowds from the comfort of your own room, it’s no small thing. So let’s celebrate our achievements in VR by acknowledging that every moment in virtual space is amazing. That’s why we believe an event can be anything from a large scale concert with Reggie Watts or a conversation with Bill Nye, to more intimate meetups among friends to share stories, practice hobbies, give presentations, host watch-parties, and more! In AltspaceVR the community is the content! It’s through events that Altspacers meet interesting new people, showcase their skills, share interests, and have memorable experiences. Now you can interact with people from all over the world, like never before. Don’t wait for comments, up-votes, or likes; start a meetup and experience the magic of immediate connection. Events are at the heart of everything we do!

Know Thy Options 
When it comes to events, knowing what your options are is the first step towards finding what you love. To that end, we’ve redesigned the Main Menu to make searching for and discovering events easier. Now you can easily view the week’s Featured Events, and search by date or even host to view your options. Additionally, we’re adding Interactive Billboards to not only advertise upcoming events, but also give you the option to RSVP or teleport to that event directly, right from where you’re standing. Now you can be chatting in the Campfire and spot a cool new event that’s happening soon, RSVP, and hop right in. We’ve even added a scroll feature to the Discovery Tab, so now you can speed through pages of options with ease. 

Just like movies, events fall into specific genres or types. Maybe you’re a big fan of the meetup format, or maybe you’re exclusively interested in performances, or perhaps you just want to watch some music videos? To help you find exactly what you’re looking for, we’re introducing Event Categories. Now you can choose from six different options: Presentations, Performances, Talk Shows, Watch-Parties, Gaming, and Meetups. It’s a great way to find events you may have never heard of before, or discover hosts whose events you really love. 

NEW!: Spotlight Series 
We believe that social VR has the power to become the next major influencer platform. For this reason, we’re introducing the Spotlight Series. Every day we’ll highlight the top event, taking place at 7pm PST (AltpaceVR’s busiest time). The Spotlight events will feature prominently at the top of the Discovery and Events Tabs and on Interactive Billboards. The goal is to support our VR-Stars-in-the-making and offer Altspacers plenty of incredible programming along the way. 

Create and Host 
To save the best for last: we’re excited to say that creating events has also been revamped to give you a much more streamlined experience. We’ve optimized the in-world event creation flow to make hosting ad-hoc meetups and large-scale experiences equally easy and simple.  Get started with suggested event-descriptions, default event imagery, and even pre-made environments. In fact, if you decide to create an event based on one of our six event categories, you’ll have the opportunity to use environments optimized for that event set up. Talk Show spaces will have all the furniture, microphones, and stage blocking set up. Presentation spaces will feature ready-to-use interactables like laser-pointers and instructions on how to showcase slides. As always, you’ll still have the option to customize your event as much as you want; but we’re also adding some helpful default options for those who are less interested in the set-up process. 

So as the days get shorter and the temperatures drop, fear not! The Campfire is always lit in AltspaceVR. As we round out another incredible year, we’d like to share our gratitude for your imagination, spirit, and dedication. You’re all VR stars, and we’re committed to helping you shine bright. Happy holidays, friends! 

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