Set up full body mocap in VR with Perception Neuron

Posted on October 12, 2015

Some fun footage from our Perception Neuron demo event.

If you’ve attended any of our recent events like our Vrtuoso #VRTechTalks or product announcements, you may have met some people in AltspaceVR with extraordinary body tracking. Chances are, that was one of us hooked up to Perception Neuron–a 32-sensor full body mocap suit. If you have a Perception Neuron suit of your own, you can get it working in AltspaceVR with a few simple steps.

First, set up your Perception Neuron using the Quick Start Guide.

Next, download Axis Neuron and make sure that you’re using version (see below) or earlier. Due to technical reasons, AltspaceVR does not work with later versions of Axis Neuron. Please submit a request at to get the latest version.


Finally, configure your broadcasting settings to the specs below. Select TCP, check BVH, and use port 7001.


That’s it! If everything was set up properly, Perception Neuron should just work for you in AltspaceVR.

And if you’re still having trouble, please visit to submit a ticket and troubleshoot with our support team.

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