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Finding and Attending Events

There’s never a shortage of Events and experiences unfolding in AltspaceVR. Live concerts, conferences, comedy shows, festivals, tech talks, and more are always on the calendar.

The Events panel interface in AltspaceVR.

There are a few different ways to find Events while in AltspaceVR. From the Main Menu, navigate to:

  • EVENTS – Filter by date, category, and related Events – or just search through them all. You can even see what Events your friends are interested in.
  • DISCOVER – See a handful of live or upcoming Popular Events.

Alternately, you can search for Events online by logging into our website, where you can filter by name, date, and tags.

Event panel interface in Altspace

See something you like?

  1. Tap the Event image for more info.
  2. If the Event is live, you’ll have the option to Enter.
  3. If it’s upcoming, you can RSVP for it by selecting Interested.

ALTSPACEVR PRO TIP: Make sure you don’t miss any “can’t-miss” Events by RSVPing. When you click Interested in app (or RSVP online), we’ll email you a reminder an hour before showtime. You can also find the Events you’ve RSVP’d to by going to Events → Interested.

Entry Codes

Close up of entry code on an Altspace event.

Every Event and World in AltspaceVR generates a six-character, alphanumeric “Entry Code.” These codes allow you to teleport directly to an Event or World, straight from the Title Screen. Entry Codes can be found in the descriptions of each Event or World.

Exploring Worlds

While the main draw of AltspaceVR may be our wide range of live virtual Events, it’s definitely worth exploring the platform’s many spectacular Worlds. Worlds are pre-built VR environments that can range in size and scope from underwater cities to intergalactic landscapes, to public parks or mythical libraries. Some are built by our staff, most are user generated. Whether you want to hang out by a firepit on the “Brooklyn Rooftop” or chill out with friends in the “Zen Zone,” there’s an awe-inspiring World waiting for you.

You can access Worlds from the Main Menu. Note: If you don’t see the Worlds tab, go to Settings → General → Enable Worlds Beta.

A view of the Zen Zone in AltspaceVR

Get Help

As you explore the platform, you may have questions that need answers and problems that need solutions. Fortunately, there are many avenues for help – in VR and otherwise.

We are here to support and assist you, so please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Here are some of the best resources:

Tech Support

Reach out to tech support with any questions or concerns.

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