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Finding and Making Friends

AltspaceVR is all about community and connection. It’s a place where people from all around the world can come together for enriching shared experiences. Whether you’re attending an Event or exploring Worlds you’re most likely going to be with other people. And chances are, you’ll want to stay in touch with some of the peeps you meet. Nametags are your key to connection.

Everyone in AltspaceVR has a Nametag. In addition to helping identify other users, its interface allows you to connect with people you vibe with, and block or mute those you don’t!

If you’d like to see another user’s Nametag, select their avatar with your cursor/trigger and it will display above their head. Here’s a quick rundown of the tag’s buttons and functions:

  • Add Friend: Sends user a friend request. Once accepted, friends will have blue borders around their Nametags, and a blue icon/badge within it, allowing you to easily identify your people.
  • Mute: Click to silence another user. To unmute them, just click it once more. Note: If the user’s mic icon is red, that means they’ve already muted themselves.
  • Block: Select the Block button to remove a user from your experience. You won’t see or hear them anymore, and they won’t be able to see or hear you either. If you want to unblock a user, go to Main Menu → People → Blocked tab, and unblock the user.

The “People” Tab

Human connection is at the center of the AltspaceVR experience, and the People tab is where you go to cultivate your community. It has the tools you need to foster your friendships and amplify your experiences. From here, you can:

  • Scroll through your friends list
  • Send messages
  • Join online friends in the World or Event they’re in (if public)
  • Invite friends to join you in whatever World or Event you’re in
  • Send and reply to friend requests
  • See who else is in a World or Event with you
  • Manage your Blocked Users

The tab can be accessed by going to Main Menu → People.

People Panel user Interface in AltspaceVR

Taking and Sharing Selfies and Snapshots

Close up of radial menu with bottom selfie and snapshot icons highlighted.

AltspaceVR is abuzz with electrifying Events, fascinating people, and jaw-dropping environments. It’s a staggering spectacle, and as you explore it, you may find yourself wishing you could capture the moment. Luckily, you can! All avatars are kitted out with a camera for selfies and snapshots.

Here’s how it works: The Camera and Selfie buttons are located on your Radial Menu. Camera captures the scene you see, while Selfie turns the lens back on you. Photos can be found by going to Main Menu → Me → Gallery

Like what you see? Download and share! Log in to our website, select Photos from the top menu, save your faves, and of course, share with your peeps! Oh, and don’t forget to tag us on social! @AltspaceVR

Community Standards

Everyone deserves a place where they can be themselves, free from bullying, hatred, and harassment. And since every avatar represents a living, breathing human with real feelings and emotions, we are committed to creating an environment that’s guided by the values we hold dear: kindness, inclusivity, compassion, and respect.

To ensure AltspaceVR remains a vibrant, diverse, and welcoming place for all, we created a set of guidelines that spell out our ethos. Please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with our Community Standards.

Avatar silhouettes with pink hearts. Text: Respect is Paramount. Everyone you see is another living, breathing human in a headset. Please treat them with respect.

Get Help

As you explore the platform, you may have questions that need answers and problems that need solutions. Fortunately, there are many avenues for help – in VR and otherwise.

We are here to support and assist you, so please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Here are some of the best resources:

Tech Support

Reach out to tech support with any questions or concerns.

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