Get Your Bearings

We created two quick tutorials to help you get up to speed on the basics. They’re totally optional, but they’re a fun way to find your footing in AltspaceVR.

Interface in Altspace showing Tutorial Panel

You can access the tutorials from the tab on the Title Screen sidebar.

AltspaceVR Tutorial

This rooftop adventure is essentially designed to teach you how to become one with your avatar. New users can learn how to:

MOVE AROUND – Walk, run, turn, shuffle, look around! Though movement itself feels similar in any VR headset, how you walk, run, turn, or throw a ball is device specific. To learn how to control your avatar on your device or platform, please visit our documentation for Oculus QuestWindows Mixed Reality, and 2D PC.

INTERACT WITH OBJECTS – Grip, grab, throw, and shoot things! And by shoot things, we don’t just mean basketballs in a hoop (though you can do that). We also mean ROCKETS. Yes, rockets. At skyscrapers. Or a blimp. (Fun, right??)

CUSTOMIZE YOUR AVATAR – You do you! While you can technically explore the platform without personalizing your appearance, we encourage you to put your own special spin on your avatar. After all, social VR is all about connection, and self-expression is a great way to connect with strangers.

User interface in AltspaceVR or customizing the avatar

By the end of this journey, you should feel comfortable moving around, and have a good grip on your input controls.

AltspaceVR Info Zone (Tutorial #2)

This tutorial focuses on some of the key features of the platform and shows you how to easily create your own events. It unfolds at an outdoor expo in an urban park, where you’ll encounter a series of info booths, each dedicated to a different element of AltspaceVR:

  • SOCIAL FEATURES – Learn how to add friends and manage how you interact with people around you.
  • COMMUNITY GUIDELINES – See some of the standards and values that help ensure AltspaceVR is fun and awesome for all.
  • EVENTS – Discover all the different types of events happening in AltspaceVR.
  • HOSTING EVENTS – Need a studio for your new talk show? A stage for your stand-up routine? We’ve got a template for you! Learn how to easily create your own awesome events!

Once you complete the tour, use the Radial Menu in your lower left corner to exit to the Title Screen or Main Menu.

Title Screen

The Title Screen is your entry point to AltspaceVR. From here you can sign in, access the tutorials, customize your avatar, discover content, quickly teleport to Events/Worlds, and more.

Title screen interface highlighted in AltspaceVR

Here’s a quick rundown of its key tabs and functions:

  • DESTINATIONS – Quickly navigate to popular events or your Homespace.
  • ENTRY CODE – Alphanumeric codes that allow you to teleport directly to Events or Worlds.
  • TUTORIAL – A great place for new users to learn and practice the basics.
  • NEWS – Find out what’s new in AltspaceVR: updates, release notes, and more.
  • ACCOUNT – Review your credentials, switch to another account, or sign out.
  • MAIN MENU – Explore the Events calendar, browse Worlds, manage Friends List, adjust your settings, and more!
  • QUIT – Shuts down the AltspaceVR app. Once you confirm the exit dialogue, the app will close itself automatically.

Main Menu

The Main Menu is like Mission Control for AltspaceVR. It offers speedy access to all the app’s core content and capabilities.

Main Menu bar from AltspaceVR interface.

Here’s a quick rundown of its various tabs:

  • DISCOVER – Find popular Events and featured hub spaces.
  • EVENTS – Take a look at Events by date and category. See what Events you’ve attended in the past or RSVP’d to for the future. Or create and manage your own Events!
  • WORLDS – Browse the platform’s many spectacular environments. (Note: If you don’t see this tab go to Settings → General → Enable Worlds Beta.)
  • FESTIVALS – A new feature in beta. Stand by as we roll it out.
  • PEOPLE – Access your Friends List, search for people, send and respond to friend requests, find out who else is in a room with you, and manage your list of blocked users.
  • ME – Customize your avatar, check out your photos, and more.
  • SETTINGS – Fine tune your AltspaceVR experience with a slew of options ranging from turning speed to the volume of your environment, and so much more.

The Radial Menu

The Radial Menu holds your go-to tools for adventuring in AltspaceVR. Like a good Swiss Army knife, it’s always by your side. The lower left side, to be exact.

Radial Menu interface in AltspaceVR

: The Radial Menu persists in 3D whenever you are in an Event, World, or your Homespace. If you are in 2D on a PC and don’t see the Radial Menu, it’s because you’re in Look Mode. Simply right click to access Cursor Mode, and it will appear.

Here’s what it can do:

  • MICROPHONE – Click to mute or unmute yourself. Or hover over it to bring up mic volume controls. (If the icon is red, you are muted.)
  • EMOJIS – Express yourself in AltspaceVR! This button opens a panel of emojis. Clicking on them releases floating icons above your head, adding emotion to any Event, environment, or conversation.
  • BUBBLE – Sometimes you need a little space. The Personal Space Bubble is here to help. It makes anyone who gets too close to you or blocks your view disappear.
  • SELFIE – Capture the moment! Because obviously.
  • CAMERA – See something you like! Take a snapshot!
  • TITLE SCREEN – Takes you back to the app’s starting point.
  • YOU ARE HERE – Wondering where in the World you are? Click to find out! The Discover tab will open, offering key info – or an easy out to another experience.
  • MAIN MENU – Click the blue AltspaceVR icon to access your control center.

Get Help

As you explore the platform, you may have questions that need answers and problems that need solutions. Fortunately, there are many avenues for help – in VR and otherwise.

We are here to support and assist you, so please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Here are some of the best resources:

Tech Support

Reach out to tech support with any questions or concerns.

Get Help


Find detailed information on all things AltspaceVR.

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