Get ready for Halloween in AltspaceVR

Posted on October 19, 2018

New Spooky Halloween Kit and Performance Improvements

Get ready for Halloween by customizing your own World with the new Halloween Kit. Pumpkins, cauldrons, and more are available for you to create your own space, just in time for Halloween! We also have been working on continued performance improvements cross platforms.

– New Halloween Kit
– Cross platform performance improvements
– Email fields no longer type backwards with the virtual keyboard
– automatic crash logging on mobile
– Android 5.1 and below no longer supported

Calendar of events

New Space Reveal – Fri, Oct 19th @ 5 pm PT

Kick off your Halloween season right by exploring our newest environment. Join our very own Keegan and Hugo, the artist of this space.


Midnight Monster Movies VR – Fri, Oct 19th @ 7:30 pm PT

Live-streaming Dead by Midnight, hosted by Dr. Bob Tesla.


Dave’s Horror Cinema – Sun, Oct 21st @ 7:30 pm PT

It’s movie night in AltspaceVR at Dave’s Drive-In. Join us inside a specially-made environment for scary movies and watch four films back-to-back. Don’t worry, you won’t be alone… wait… was that scary scraping sound in or outside my headset? Maybe you should lock the door before you put on your VR headset. Just to be safe…


A Very Spooky Improv Night w/ Stevieboy & Shoeski – Sat, Oct 27th @ 4 pm PT

Come by for screams, scary stories, insanity and most importantly, fear! A great way to terrify new friends and get to mortify the ones you already have. No horrific experience or skill required, so come up on stage and make the biggest, creepiest monster you possibly can!


Scary Cruise Ship – Sat, Oct 27th @ 6 pm PT

Like the Titanic but with a lot more blood.


Building Worlds in AltspaceVR – Sun, Oct 28th @ 1 pm PT

Hangout with friends in spaces you built in virtual reality.

Creating Worlds just became easier with new building kits and sandbox environments. No coding or development experience required to hop in VR and create a new World. Today’s showcase World is from our wonderful Associate Producer/Community Support Team member Calen, showing off her new world.


Scare-EEEE-Okie – Tues, Oct 30th @ 4 pm PT

Come sing-along to some spooky tunes with us. This isn’t your traditional karaoke – everyone is welcome to sing at all times!


Spine-Tingle and Thrill: Halloween Hang Out – Wed, Oct 31st @ 5 pm PT

Get your spook on in our Halloween themed Mingle and Chill. Check out our newest environment and meet some new friends.


Open Fright Night – Wed, Oct 31st @ 7 pm PT

Come and own the stage performing whatever you want, the mic is open! You can sing, recite poetry, play an instrument, perform a reading, practice a speech, talk about your day, or whatever you feel would work well on stage to entertain your fellow users here in the virtual realm.


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