Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Posted on May 1, 2020

We’re celebrating with new interactables in the Campfire!

Piñatas, maracas, airplanes… oh my! Get your party hat on for Cinco de Mayo 2020. As always, we’re doing our best to celebrate in style. So join us in the campfire and check out some of the latest interactables that are sure to make the month of May a touch more festive.

Two Avatars with maracas.

AltspaceVRs very own, Max and Pedro are real movers-and-shakers 😉

Adding a little maraca to your day is a fun way to jazz up a simple conversation. Try out the maracas and get shakin’.

Avatar tossing Paper Airplanes

Unfortunately, the global lockdowns in response to COVID-19 have made traveling impossible. But fear not, friends. With our brand new paper-airplane interactable, you can still soar to new heights!

For a special treat, see if you can find the secret piñata that is hidden somewhere in (or near) the Campfire. For a sweet treat, stand under any of the piñatas and ask a friend to hit it open.

Fun history fact: Cinco de Mayo commemorates an important battle between Mexico and France- the Battle of Puebla, which took place in 1862; and was a step towards Mexico’s ultimate victory against France’s occupation. In the United States the 5th of May has become an all-out celebration of Mexican culture, which boasts a long list of contributions across several arenas including literature, art, cuisine, and history.

So Happy Cinco de Mayo, amigos! We hope you enjoy the new interactables and feel inspired to learn more about the beautiful culture of Mexico!

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