Host a Meetup for a Chance to Win an Oculus Quest!

Posted on December 9, 2019

Has social media ever made you feel less connected and more isolated? Us too. If you’re more interested in having conversations and making connections than getting likes and comments, come host a Meetup in AltspaceVR! Meetups are casual, simple, and give people a place to make eye-contact, share non-verbal cues, and communicate authentically. AltspaceVR Meetups are an easy way to meet like-minded people. 

Host a meetup and be entered to win an Oculus Quest & AltspaceVR Hoodie

AltspaceVR  Meetups are the easiest kinds of events to host. All you need to do is create an event, add a topic, and set a time. Then show up and help lead a conversation around what you care about. To help spread the word, we’re hosting a sweepstakes over the weekends of Dec. 13-15 and Dec. 20-22.

The goal is to fill our Events Calendar with a wide variety of Meetup events, and get Altspacers talking to each other! It doesn’t matter if you get hundreds of people into your Meetup – it’s more important to get a handful of folks who care about your topic. 

Each Meetup you host qualifies as one entry into the contest. Only Meetups logged on this form count as entries. You can enter up to 15 times (that’s 15 Meetups). Your Meetup must be listed as a public, featured event. Most importantly, to qualify, your Meetup must match one of these categories:  

  • HOT TOPICS – Talk about what’s happening in the world and be specific. You can take the top trends on twitter and react in real time or grab headlines from reputable news sources. Don’t be afraid to make it controversial (but make sure to review our community standards before posting). 
    Ex: “Does the world really need Baby Yoda?” “What do you think of Greta Thunberg’s message on climate change?” “Are you excited about Halo: Reach?” “Who do you think will win the Democratic nomination? Are you watching His Dark Materials, let’s discuss!” 
  • THOUGHT STARTERS – Focus on some fun conversation starters and listen to what others have to share. 
    Ex: What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given? How do you deal with anxiety? How has spirituality played a role in your life? What do you think happens when we die? What’s the secret to great friendships?
  • COMMON INTERESTS – Connect with like-minded individuals and celebrate your mutual love. 
    Ex: Food-lovers Meetup, Book-Club, Sports-lovers Meetup, Women in VR meetup, VR Lovers Meetup, Avengers Assemble: Let’s talk about the MCU! 
  • GAMES – Whether competition or cooperation is your preferred method, there’s nothing like playing a game together. 
    Ex: Host a pun-off. Rock-paper-scissors, AltspaceVR emoji edition! Debate about chocolate vs vanilla. 
    Ex: Here’s some great examples that other users have done:
    • Talent Show: Invite users on stage to show their stuff.
    • Pun offs: Choose 6 contestants and have them battle to come up with the best puns based on words sourced from the audience.
    • Friend-maker: Invite users on stage and ask them questions about themselves and invite those in the audience to friend them.
    • Debate: Tell the audience the topic and then ask for hand-raises for who would like to defend/support
    • Everyone’s an expert at something: Invite people on stage to talk about the thing they know best for three minutes straight without pause.
    • Compliment-off: Invite two users on stage and have them answer questions about their life. Then have the other person give them as many compliments as possible.

How does it work? 
Sign up here to host a meetup (or two, or five…) on any of the following dates: 12/13, 12/14, 12/15 and 12/20, 12/21, 12/22. The more meetups you host, the higher your chances of winning are. (Note: Each meetup counts as one entry, up to 15 per person.) 

What if my meetup is at the same time as another event? 
That’s perfectly fine! Go ahead and host it anyway. The right people will always find their way into your event, and that will make for more interesting conversations. So go ahead– double or triple up! 

What should I do about the Tile Image? 
You can use your own assets, or opt for the pre-populated images available when you create an event in-world. 

What doesn’t count as a meetup? 
Any event that doesn’t fall into one of the aforementioned categories.
(Hot Topic; Thought Starter; Common Interest; Game).

Additionally, any event that is NOT submitted through this form will NOT be counted as an entry.

Lastly, you MUST request to have your Meetup featured!

The winner will be selected, at random, and will be notified in early January. 


* No purchase necessary.  Open to registered AltspaceVR users 18+.  Ends 12/22/2019.  See Official Rules for details.

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