Hosting Just Got Easier

Hosting is hard. We get it. You want to make sure everything turns out well and often that means juggling a lot of things at once. It’s hard to pull off a flawless event (and look good doing it). Well, fear not because we’ve tried to help make things a little easier on you with our brand new Host Panel. The new features put you in control, so you can focus on the important things: like making sure your avatar isn’t overdressed (party foul) and the music’s just right.

The Host Panel includes a whole host of new options. (HaHa! Get it?) 

Host Panel interface.

Mute All 

Maintain order in your court by muting all attendees to limit distracting sounds and keep things nice and quiet. No more unwanted whispers or background sounds. Mute will last as long as the host chooses to keep everyone quiet. When they enter the space or try to un-mute, attendees will receive an on-screen message letting them know they’ve been muted by the host.

Message All

Send a message to every guest at your event in one easy click. Use any of our quick-notes or write an original one.


Feel like you’re shouting over the crowd? Now you can megaphone yourself to amplify your microphone, ensuring everyone will be able to hear what you’re saying.

Audience Participation Panel

Audience Participation Panel

Better manage your attendees’ experience with functions that allow you to amplify someone when they’re speaking, or keep track of users who have raised their hand to talk. The participation panel will even light up red when you have guests waiting to be called on.

Stage Blocking (On/Off) 

Decide when and where attendees can stand. Choose to hog the spotlight, take turns presenting, or invite everyone on stage for a group dance party. It’s now all possible. 

Feeling jazzed to try it all out? Great! Go forth and stretch those host muscles.