How to play D&D in VR

Playing Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) in AltspaceVR is just like playing D&D in person. All you need is a party, a dungeon master, and AltspaceVR. If you’re new to AltspaceVR, you can sign up for a free account here.

Instructions for the dungeon master (DM)

1. Start a campaign

AltspaceVR D&D Web Confirmation popup with text: Tony's D&D campaign Starting 2015-11-16.

Starting a D&D campaign in AltspaceVR is easy. Set up your personal tavern.

You’ll get to name your campaign, pick a start time, and get a link that you can share with the lucky adventurers that get to experience your campaign. You can return to your tavern at a later date by following that same link.

If you’ve lost your link, you can always see the events you created in the events portal.

2. Set up your battlegrid

Next, you’ll want to set up your battlegrid. This is your virtual D&D tabletop where you’ll place tiles to create environments and figurines to represent adventurers and the minions they encounter.

Animated image D&D positioning of figurines on a D&D board in AltspaceVR.

You can select pieces at the end of the table. The pictures below will toggle between environment tiles, heroes, and minions. Once you’ve found the piece you’d like to use, you can simply click on the piece and drag it onto the table. Click a piece to rotate or collapse.

Browsing D&D pieces: See different collections of pieces with the toggle buttons.

3. Save your battlegrid

Press the save button to preserve your battlegrid for future sessions. You can load them again by pressing the upload button. Clear the board by pressing the bucket. Load a saved board by pressing the upload button.

Animated image Demonstrating how to save your battlegrid.

4. Register as an official AltspaceVR Dungeon Master

Visit this thread on our subreddit to register as an official DM. You’ll get a D&D flair and you’ll have the option to share your campaigns with the public. This is useful if you’re looking for more players to join your campaign, or if you think it’d be fun to have a few spectators.

Instructions for the players

1. Find a party

If you don’t have a party to play with yet, you can visit our looking for party thread to see if there are any upcoming campaigns that you can join.

2. Join the campaign

Your dungeon master will provide you with a link to join the campaign. When you click it, you’ll arrive in a private tavern for just your campaign. Make sure to coordinate with your party so you all meet up at the right time.

3. Load your character sheet

Claim one of the tomes that surround the battlegrid and choose an official D&D character sheet.

If you’re using a custom character sheet, you can jot down the notes you want to remember on the left hand side of your tome.

4. Roll the dice and adventure on

Rolling dice is easy in AltspaceVR. Just look up at the ceiling above the battlegrid, click on the dice you want to roll, and press the roll button.

If you have any trouble, contact support here.

Discuss all things D&D in AltspaceVR at our subreddit.