How to take your remote business to the next level with Social VR

As remote businesses and work opportunities become more prevalent, the ability to communicate efficiently regardless of physical location will become an integral part in a company’s day-to-day operations, and ultimately, its success. As technology evolves and new issues emerge, understanding the new tools at your disposal will help you foster an enthusiastic and collaborative remote team.

Over the next week, we will be hosting a few workshops in AltspaceVR geared toward how to create Social VR events, both public or private gatherings.

Join us at the Future of Meetings, How To Create a VR Event, and explore effective ways to boost your remote team’s morale & productivity with internal workshops and team-building activities: How to Optimize Your Team’s LinkedIn Profiles for Business Networking and Virtual Pictionary. Instructors: Keegan Law, Andy Fidel, schmidtec, Craig & Yunji.

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Future of Meetings

What is the future of remote work? What are the pain points now with telecommunications? What’s next for enterprise? How can virtual reality play a role? Join the conversation about the future of meetings in Altspace’s new Summit environment.

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Thursday, June 20th @ 5 PM PST
Hosted by Keegan Law, Program Owner at AltspaceVR

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Building a Culture of Collective Success

Social VR can be used to train internal teams, to organize networking events and implement peer-to-peer learning programs designed around your company’s key corporate values. This enables teams to work together more efficiently and draw on their shared pool of knowledge and skills.

LinkedIn has become more than a digital resume: it’s a crucial tool you can use to find qualified leads, meet sales objectives, network with other professionals in your niche and nurture professional relationships with your coworkers. Learn how you can use social media & groups to optimize remote teams and brand reputation in a private group lecture.

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Wednesday, June 19th @ 7 PM PST
Hosted by Andy Fidel, Consultant in Social Media Relations & Social VR

How to Create an Event in AltspaceVR

Learn how to create your very own event in Social VR! We’ll take you through the process of creating a public featured event and private gathering.

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Tuesday, June 18th @ 5:30 PM PST
Hosted by schmidtec, Community & Events Lead at AltspaceVR

Using Virtual Reality for Team Building

It can be difficult to foster a strong team spirit when your employees work remotely, but you can boost morale by organizing virtual team building activities!

Team building increases productivity, empowers workers to share their knowledge and skills and work together to find innovative solutions to problems as a group. Using VR, you can organize activities designed to engage your employees and encourage the collaboration of all members, which will lead to increased job satisfaction and a sense of belonging despite their living in different corners of the world.

Virtual Pictionary
RSVP to event: Friday, June 21st @ 2 PM PST

Hosted by Craig, AltspaceVR Community Support Team and Yunji, AltspaceVR Associate Producer

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Virtual Meetings and Collaboration

The global worksphere is growing as teams unite from all four corners of the world. It’s not uncommon for both startups and corporate entities to have a decentralized team distributed across multiple locations or home offices. Business trips aren’t always possible, effective or feasible, so remote meetings are essential to foster team-building, company culture, and quick execution.

Spatial communications enable remote collaboration any time and from anywhere around the globe, allowing teams to create and communicate regardless of physical location. Virtual meetings take video conferencing a step further by allowing participants to interact face-to-face in 3D environments from anywhere in the world.


This medium can be passive and impersonal because collaborators can’t see the facial expressions or body language of other participants—you can’t see the other to gauge mood, meaning or intent. Although acceptable between two people, this medium can get chaotic with a group as voices overlap. As a result, it’s hard to circulate & distribute the conversation, and conversation is typically dominated by the presenter.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing adds a layer of intimacy by allowing collaborators to see one another’s facial expressions and limited body language. Although it works for short presentations where a single member is leading the conversation—you’re able to screen share and present content—it gets complex when true collaboration is needed on a project. Teams often need third-party applications to unite on collaborative documents.

Also, despite the fact that video conferencing allows participants to see one another, it tends to cause them to be rigid, with forced smiles and straight postures, knowing they’re speaking to a computer screen.

Virtual Meetings

We aren’t meant to be looking down at screens and thumb tapping our conversations. We do best in-person: standing tall and looking straight at our colleagues. Virtual meetings allow us to move away from flat screens and into 3D interactive environments—the closest thing to face-to-face meetings.

VR enables immersive on-site experiences and hands-on opportunities, enabling teams to truly collaborate from remote locations. Depending on the size and purpose of the meeting, participants can choose the type of environment to host the meeting: Are we meeting in a traditional boardroom? An auditorium? Outside for a team building exercise? Interactive tools can be used to problem solve, team build, foster creative collaboration and host hands-on workshops. For example, instead of sharing 2D designs or miniature models, architects can now transport their clients into their creations for real-time virtual site inspections.

Virtual meetings can also facilitate “wholesome goodness” meets where active participation is encouraged and each member has a chance to present their work and projects to the rest of the team. This makes everyone accountable for their work and encourages interaction between departments. VR also reduces the need for business trips, which saves time and money in the long run.

Join us as we discuss the future of virtual meetings and show you how to use Social VR to optimize your remote team and business.


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