How to watch YouTube in VR (or Twitch, Netflix, etc.)

Posted on September 4, 2015

Watch Netflix in AltspaceVR

Want to watch YouTube, Netflix, or any online video in VR? Here’s a simple guide on how to project a video to a huge screen in AltspaceVR that is visible to you and any other nearby Altspacers. There are two ways to do it, and they’re both super easy.


#1. Pull up a video in AltspaceVR

If you’re already in AltspaceVR, you can find a screen and “beam” a video on it. Join any space with a screen, select web from your menu, navigate to the video you want to watch, and press the beam button. You’ll see it show up on the screen nearest to you.

Beam (the beam button. It may take a moment to appear.)

Check out this album for a step by step tutorial.



#2. Enter AltspaceVR from Chrome

If you’re not in AltspaceVR, you can use our chrome extension to enter AltspaceVR from the web. Use chrome to find the video you want to watch, activate our chrome extension, and click the link. It’ll open up AltspaceVR and automatically put you in a space that has your video on a giant screen.

Now you can watch any video online in VR. And because you’re watching it in AltspaceVR, you can invite your friends to watch with you. Try it out and tell us what you think.



  1. If you’re seeing prompt to install Microsoft Silverlight or Adobe Flash, you need to install Flash or Silverlight  on your computer in order to playback video. More information can be found here for Silverlight and Netflix and here for YouTube, Twitch and Flash.
  2. You’re hearing the video audio twice. Go back to the Web application in the menu and make sure that you don’t still have the video playing in your private browser.
  3. You don’t see the beam button. You are likely in space where beaming is controlled by the host. You can’t beam in the welcome space or an event where the event organizer controls the display.
  4. You see the netflix login on the big screen. You need to login into Netflix with your Netflix account. You can do that from the webapplication in the menu, or from the pop-up screen when you enter the space.


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