Important Information for Altspace World Builders

Posted on June 26, 2021

Attn: Altspace World Builders,

We know the recent upgrade to Unity 2020.3 caused a lot of pain and frustration in the community. We know how difficult it has been. And while we’re always striving to enhance Altspace, we also know we need to limit the number of major changes and spare you the hassle of re-uploading your content.

With this in mind, we looked ahead at the different updates that will be required in the future, and rather than space them out, we chose to bundle them up in order to minimize the need to update worlds multiple times.

These upcoming updates offer a lot of positives with improved user experience, frame rates, tools, and more, some of which are outlined below. These are the upsides.

There is a downside for anyone that has already upgraded to Unity 2020.3, however. These creators will have to update their worlds again. We are truly sorry. We know how much time and energy you’ve spent making these updates, and we promise to support you as best as we can through this process.

If you have not yet upgraded to 2020.3 and are still using 2019.4, we recommend that you do not upgrade. Stay on version 2019.4 until we let you know to make the switch. And don’t worry, your worlds will continue to work!

We will provide you with the preview build and tools, along with an official date for the upcoming release by 7/16. In the meantime, we’d like to share what updates we’re planning and how they benefit you.

Switching to Unity’s URP

Unity’s Universal Render Pipeline has evolved into a powerful graphics solution that delivers beauty with speed and performance, and it’s supported on all platforms Unity targets. Altspace is looking at adopting this to make our worlds better across all platforms. Specific benefits include:

  • Faster Framerate
  • Shader Graph Support
  • New Post Processing Effects
  • Altspace will run better on all platforms  

*Some shaders will require updates to be compatible with URP. 
**With this update pending, builders should be using URP-compatible shaders from here on out. 

Altspace Uploader 2

  • Supports batch uploading
  • More stable
  • Includes tools to help you migrate old content
  • Automatically updates shaders where possible
  • Manages updates in-app
  • Altspace supported

Moving to Linear Color Space

  • Removes the oversaturation caused by Gamma Color Space, allowing for more realistic lighting effects
  • Improved colors from texture sampling when rendering
  • Higher quality lighting effects at a reduced cost

More info  

Switching to SPI

  • Faster frame rates
  • Lower CPU usage
  • Increased detail and complexity of scenes
  • Altspace will run better on VR 

We hope you’re excited by these changes. This bundle will have obvious and awesome benefits for our community – creators and users alike. We know it’s super inconvenient to upload your content again, but please hang in there. We want to continue this journey with our world builders and evolve the platform together. Neither world building or Altspace are going anywhere! The best is yet to come.

Official announcement on 7/16. Stay tuned for details.

Team Altspace

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