InfoZone: A New Welcome Space

Posted on December 16, 2019

Today we welcome the newest member of the AltspaceVR world, our brand new InfoZone! (*cuts ribbon*) This beautiful environment, styled to look like a colorful community market is going to be the Welcome Space for all who are new to AltspaceVR. Filled with balloons and colorful tents, featuring interactive billboards and plenty of helpful hints, the InfoZone is a jazzy and spirited addition to our in-world city.

After completing the tutorial, which is focused on the basics of getting started (movement, controller functionality, etc.), new users will be transported to the InfoZone. Here they will have the opportunity to learn and explore at their own pace, in a way that is true to the experience of being in social VR. Filled with informational tents that teach users everything from how to Add a Friend to how to Host an Event, the InfoZone will serve as a helpful and welcoming landing space for all who are new.

In addition to a hearty helping of instructional resources, the InfoZone will also be filled with our wonderful crew of Community Helpers, volunteer users who serve as ambassadors of AltspaceVRThese users can be easily identified by their green-heart badges, and will be available in the InfoZone to answer questions, give tours, and lend a literal hand to all who are new to our app. Meeting a real person who can offer guidance and empathy makes the InfoZone a great example of the magic of AltspaceVR.


While the InfoZone caters, primarily, to new Altspacers it will be open and available to all users who feel like they might benefit from a visit. So if you feel like you need a refresher, pop into the InfoZone and take advantage of our brand new Welcome Space!

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