Introducing Spotlight Series Season Two!

Posted on February 15, 2020

The AltspaceVR community is made up of so many wonderfully talented and interesting people from all walks of life and different parts of the world! It’s no wonder our events calendar is often packed with a wide variety of incredible community-run offerings like open mics, meet ups, performances, and more. In an effort to show a little love to all the folks who make AltspaceVR wonderful, last holiday season we launched the Spotlight Series, an initiative to highlight some of the best events on our calendar.

Our first season welcomed community-favorites: Tech Tock, Open Mic Night, The Rooftop, Acoustic Music with Luke, Poetry Slam, Late Night BBQ, RatedVR, and Live Music with Mckmuze. Now, we’re excited to announce the second season of our Spotlight Series will be kicking off on Saturday, February 15 with another batch of great community events! Check them out below:

Saturdays @ 7:30p PT/10:30p ET
Happy Hour
Come hang out and mingle at your friendly neighborhood virtual rooftop bar. BYOB!


Sundays @ 1:30p PT/4:30p ET
Center Stage
Let your talent shine!!! Musicians, Poets, Storytellers, Comedians, Singers, what ever your talent may be, come take Center Stage and share with us!!!


Mondays @ 6:00p PT/9:00p ET
CS in VR
Learn all about Computer Science in VR! From lessons and overviews to meet-and-greets with industry insiders, this meet up has it all for those curious about CS.


Tuesdays @ 6:00p PT/9:00p ET
EvolVR Meditations
Come meditate with people from around the world as we sit among the stars and watch planet Earth slowly spin before us. This meditation is inspired by the idea of the Overview Effect. Let the magic of seeing Earth from above shift your perspective too!


Wednesdays @ 6:00p PT/9:00p ET
LGBTQ+ Meet Up
Come join our global LGBTQ+ weekly meetup that offers support, encouragement, and love from all corners of the world. We have created this safe haven where you can express yourself in a welcoming environment. Feel bold enough to share your stories and we will do our part to give you the encouragement you need to live the life you have always dreamed. 


Thursdays @ 6:00p PT/9:00p ET
A Thing in a Place
Welcome to A Thing In A Place with Don, Stevie, and Maggs where we talk about anything ranging from what we had for breakfast to carrots for fingers. So, come with us on our adventure to figure out why almond milk is actually a fruit. We might have a guest or something!


Fridays @6:00p PT/9:00p ET
The Dating Game
Welcome to The Dating Game! Well, sort of. Instead of looking for love, you’ll be looking for friends! Hosted by WalaWasabi & Sydney! <3


Join us for these and all the other wonderful events happening in AltspaceVR. You can view them in-world by going to the “Events” tab under the Main Menu or glance through the calendar online here.


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