Introducing the “Event Tools” Kit

Posted on April 13, 2020

Do you find yourself wishing you could add a banner or a stage blocker to your event with ease? Well, good news… with the new “Event Tools” kit now you can! Located in the Kits section of the World Editor, the new “Event Tools” kit gives event creators and world-builders access to some simple items to make basic customization easy and streamlined. The new kit includes the following:

Now you can decorate you space with a banner related to your event. Simply place the banner where you like it to be in the space, click on it, and select a photo from your personal archive. You can upload images to your profile at


Help Text
Need to give people in your event helpful tips about your event?   Need to tell people how to use a specific tool? Simply place a help text icon in your space and add the text you want.  Users can click on a help text icon to have a dialogue pop up with your text in it.


Need some seating for your event?  Place some bleachers to support seating for up to 80 people. Now, no one has to hoover in mid-air to see your incredible hosting skills in action!


Stage Blocker
Use stage a stage blocker to keep the audience from rushing the stage.  If you need people from the audience to come on the stage during your event simply open up host panel tools to turn on and off the stage blocker whenever you like.


Theater Screen
Need to place an image on a screen? The theater screen is for you! Similar to the banner, you can choose which image to put up by selecting from you Uploaded Photos. (Upload photos to your profile on our website.) You can even create a presentation quickly by uploading your slides as images and swapping between them during your event.



Happy customizing, Altspacers!

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