Introducing the Visiting Earth Podcast Series

Posted on March 17, 2017

Jeremy Loya and Aaron Frank take audiences on a journey into the expansive unknown.

Seeking the ‘extra’ within and around our ordinary terrestrial selves, co-creators Jeremy Loya and Aaron Frank piloted their Visiting Earth podcast series in VR on Friday, February 24. Developed from a desire to explore more deeply the expanses of the unknown, Loya and Frank base their episodic questioning on a central theme, “What would the world look like if there were aliens…visiting Earth?”


Approaching the complexities of consciousness, biology, cosmology, metaphysics, spiritualism, psychology, art, and technology, Loya and Frank plan to host expert philosophers, scientists, theologians, and systems analysts to discuss topics like borders, duality, language, evolution, epigenetics, and objective truth. Ultimately, the duo hopes to help audiences, and themselves, peel the skin off reality.


Having previously hosted Visiting Earth on traditional platforms, Loya and Frank confessed why they decided to bring it to VR. “Well,” they said, “we thought it might suit a VR audience better.


Also, our moms loved it — and that’s what really matters.”

If truth does exist in reality, that’s certainly one of them.

Keep an eye out for Visiting Earth’s next podcast on the AltspaceVR Event Calendar.

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