Is VR the future of education?

Posted on January 10, 2017

Virtual Reality has the potential to shake up a lot of industries, and if you’ve read Ready Player One, then you’ve seen a glimpse of how cool education + VR could be.

Some creative people have already used AltspaceVR to experiment with VR classrooms and they’re just getting started. Check out this video highlighting a few recent projects, including an interactive brain, globe and more.

Ready to experiment in VR?

Whether you’re a developer or an educator, there’s plenty of opportunities to bring your craft to AltspaceVR. Create apps with our SDK and join our SDK slack group to meet other future-focused devs.

If you’re a teacher, AltspaceVR makes it easy to jump in VR and teach a class in virtual reality. You can project a slide show, show videos or display any web content. Want to give it a try? Email to get started.

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