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Posted on May 9, 2019

Some of the best things about VR are the creativity and relationships that it sparks. People gather from all over the world to unite around common interests and shared experiences in the virtual world. Meet the creators & hosts creating an inspiring array of events that ignite conversation, showcase talent and offer a friendly space for anyone to explore the things they love – openly or anonymously.

Mingle at a gig on a rooftop, watch a talk show, take part in an open mic, or test your comedy skills – there’s always something to look forward to. Make sure to sign-up to their Channels and to follow them on social media!

The Rooftop VR
Entertainment With a View

This bi-weekly Talk Show takes place, where else, on a virtual Rooftop! Hosts Henry and Megan discuss upcoming events in the Metaverse, explore immersive technology, and interview world developers and content hosts. You can also catch musical performances on The RooftopVR.

Auditions are held once a month, and if you’re not much of a performer, you and the rest of the audience have the chance to vote (👉 here) for your favorite auditions to appear on the show.

#GetSocial with Megan & Henry

Q. How are you using VR to build community?

Megan: We promote the cooperation between people to build a great experience. We also give credit to the people who are making this platform a great place to escape reality.

Henry: We believe that people who come into VR are people who can’t easily socialize with people in the real world. What is unique about hosting events in VR? You never know what is gonna happen. It keeps you on your toes. I also love that we can get together with people I admire and love so much and create something great.

Q. What can people expect at the Rooftop VR?

Henry: We have great conversations mixed with musical performances and creative people in the community who build worlds. We also have a segment that keeps our viewers up-to-date with what’s going on in the world of VR. We also host an audition show once a month to get the community involved. They can vote for their favorite performer! We also look to the community for help moderating our events.

The Rooftop Pavilion – Visit Featured World

Q. What’s The Rooftop Pavilion all about?

Megan: Did you miss our latest auditions show? Well, have no fear! We made sure you can still see all the amazing talent that’s graced our stage. Vote here for your favorite performer, find out what’s happening on the show, or watch the latest episode of The Rooftop VR.

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The Hive VR

The Hive VR channel produces various shows and events, including The Hive with Vivian, a long-running talk show that interviews with leaders in the immersive tech industry, developers, designers, and marketers, and more.

Vivian became the show’s host after winning a contest in AltspaceVR: “I thought I’d do at least one episode for fun. That episode turned into more shows and now it’s been running consistently for two years. I like that there is a place people feel they can share a part of their lives, ask for advice, vent, arrange game meetups, or even get into disagreements with one another. I’ve met a lot of people IRL after meeting them in VR, and the experience is seamless.”

#GetSocial with Vivian Chazen & Michael Zhang

Q. In your experience with various social VR platforms, what does the medium enable?

Vivian Chazen: The internet has always been able to connect people around the world, but I think about the type of experiences I had prior to VR. While both helped me meet new people and try new things, VR constantly challenges me in noticeable ways. To host successfully in VR, you’re going to have to be able to shake off technical difficulties, be comfortable talking into the void, and keep going even if you can’t see an audience.

Michael Zhang: I’m inspired by social VR’s ability to foster authentic relationships across geographic distances and as an emerging content platform like YouTube. Because social VR dramatically increases the feeling of presence, I love how audience members and content creators can have more engaging experiences by sharing the same virtual space in real time.

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Open Mic Night with Meeka

If you’re a singer, musician, poet, or other performer, you should definitely check out Open Mic Night with Meeka! Every week, performers come out of their shells and wow the audience with their hidden talents.

If the idea of performing IRL makes you nervous, doing it in VR might help you build that confidence. They encourage people to dive fully into VR by attending events and creating their own.

#GetSocial with Meeka

Q. What’s it like to perform in virtual reality?

Meeka: It’s kind of funny — some people may feel like VR is more comfortable because it feels like a small setting, but in reality they’re performing on a global stage.

Events are fun. Running your own event is really fun. But creating your own venue and even the way you represent yourself in VR? That is amazing. This is a new frontier and how you participate is up to you, but I say get your hands dirty and build it. Be a pioneer!

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Improv Night with Stevieboy & Shoseki

For the truly fearless, join an We Are ImproVR show. Come by Improv Nights for laughs, weird stories, madness, and most importantly, fun! No comedic experience or skill required. Ready for the next level? Get featured on The Tuesday show. Looking for a good laugh? Tune-in to their podcast in Social VR: A Thing In A Place 🎙

#GetSocial with Stevieboy

Q. What inspires you about social VR?

Stevieboy: You are free to make yourself into the person you wish to be perceived as. People don’t know name, age, gender, ethnicity, region or anything of the sort unless you decide to let people know.

AltspaceVR may look like just any other social platform, but it’s really not. It’s just so unique with its user base and admin help and systems in place to make your experience what you want. Honestly, if Altspace didn’t exist, I wouldn’t have the initiative or courage to do the funny things I love. This platform is the reason I know I really want to do what I do for the rest of my life.

Improv Night takes place every Saturday 🎙
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Comedy House Sundays

This interactive comedy show encourages viewers to join performers on stage. Kelli Dunham, the show’s host and one of its comics, keeps things interesting with new segments, special guests, and even a Comedy House Sundays theme song.

#GetSocial with Kelli Dunham

Q. Aside from snowball fights, what are your favorite things about Comedy House Sundays and VR?

Kelli Dunham: As a person with a mobility challenge, I’m trying to bring in other performers with disabilities who might not be able to travel to reach new audiences. This is an amazing opportunity with social VR and I’m so pleased to be exploring it. Things can get really fun (like when we have a snowball fight) and they can get pretty deep.

Also, I love, love, love how Altspace is hella post-gender in many ways. Although I’m a person assigned female at birth, I picked a masc-appearing avatar and no one has ever challenged me on whether or not my voice fits my avatar. Of course, my blue-haired avatar is actually way cooler than I am in real life, but I can’t imagine I’m alone in that.

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