Main Events & New Features for Hosts

At the heart of the AltspaceVR experience are events. Whether you’re looking to inform, educate, entertain, or simply connect with others, our calendar has plenty of options to choose from. As our community of hosts continues to grow, we want to do more to empower and support your process and content. In today’s attention-economy the stakes are high, and we know that as an event host your main priority is creating quality content. So today, we’re excited to announce our new Main Events, as well as several events features that will give event hosts greater autonomy and more freedom.

Introducing “Main Events”

When we originally introduced the “Featured Events” calendar, our goal was to help shine a light on some of the best and most interesting events happening in AltspaceVR. Today, the featured events section of our calendar is home to a growing number of fantastic hosts and engaging events. Week after week the list grows longer and more diverse. (No surprise; our community has great taste.) To give content-creators more autonomy, we’re replacing Featured Events with Main Events, and changing the process to allow eligible event-hosts direct control over how to list their event.

Where previously the event-creation flow included an option to “Request to Feature” now, you are instead able to select “Add as Main Event” and automatically add the designation yourself. If your event meets the eligibility requirements, it will be added to the calendar as a Main Event immediately. The primary goal of the eligibility requirements is to help ensure that your event looks and feels its best, so you can entice others to RSVP by making a great first-impression.

For more details about how “Add to Main Calendar” works — including a detailed list of eligibility requirements — check out our new Help Article, “Maximizing Your Event’s Visibility & Promotion“. All Featured Events currently listed on the AltspaceVR calendar will automatically convert over to Main Events with the change.

Viewing Event Metrics

In order to improve your event, it’s important to know how you’re already doing. Metrics can help you get to know your audiences better, so you can continue to grow your community of devoted fans. To offer some of those helpful details, we’ve added a new Metrics Panel to the website so event hosts can access some quantitative data and gain deeper insights into how their events are performing among audiences.

Tracking metrics can be really helpful for managing things like audience growth over time, measuring the depth of engagement, and getting to know who your audience really is. The more you know, the more you can make informed decisions to help steer your event in the direction of continued growth and audience satisfaction. Happy audiences make happy hosts 😉

Recovering Deleted Events

Accidents happen. We get it. So we’re adding a new recovery feature on recently deleted events. It takes time to set up an event and get all of your customizations in order, and a mis-click shouldn’t cost you all that time and effort. Now, you’ll be able to recover a deleted event easily through the AltspaceVR website.

If you find that your event has been deleted, simply log in to your AltspaceVR account on the website in order to initiate the event-recovery process. Follow the step-by-step instructions in the “Recovering a Deleted Event” article in our documentation library. Once you’ve completed the recovery process, your event should be back to an Active state.

Event Dashboard with Recovery instructions: Select an event and set to draft to start the recovery process...

We hope these new changes and features make the event hosting experience better by offering greater autonomy and accessibility to content creators. We’d love to know what you think, or if you have ideas for future features. Drop us a line at

Happy hosting!