Can you survive the hardest maze in virtual reality?

Posted on March 8, 2016

Deep in the jungle, a Mayan temple guards an ancient treasure. Surrounded by impenetrable jungle, the only entrance is through a vast labyrinth only the smartest and bravest can navigate — will you prove yourself worthy? Launch AltspaceVR from your Samsung Gear VR, Oculus DK2, HTC Vive and enter the Maze from the home menu.

If it’s treasure you’re after, team up with other adventurers to reach the end or race your rivals to the finish. If you’d rather take your time, explore every passage to find all 35 statues scattered throughout the maze.

Can you find all 35 statues?

Arrows guide you along your way — if you’re clever enough to find them. Ladders scattered throughout the maze let you peek over the tops of the walls to plan your next move. Happy adventuring!

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