Introducing Microsoft Account Integration

AltspaceVR is evolving, and that means we’ve got some pretty cool things planned for our platform and our growing community. Today we’re announcing Microsoft Account integration — a bold step in the direction of a bright future.

Microsoft Account integration is a gateway to a world of Microsoft services which AltspaceVR can take advantage of to improve our platform and continue to innovate and grow. Over the next few months, those with Microsoft linked AltspaceVR accounts will begin to see added functionalities and features in the platform. These changes and updates will empower a more social, immersive, and larger-scaled experience. This is a big step up for our app, and we’re looking forward to the momentum this change will generate.

Link Account Panel as seen in AltspaceVr

Unlocking New Possibilities

More Reliable Uniformity

Microsoft Accounts are already used to login to some of the most popular Microsoft programs and services like Minecraft, Xbox Live, and even Office 365. Consolidating logins under Microsoft Accounts means you have less to worry about when it comes to security, as well as more access to features that give you a richer and more intentional experience: parental controls, account sharing, wallet-linking, etc.

Privacy and Security

When it comes to privacy and security, Microsoft Accounts strive to meet high standards for keeping your information safe and your data protected. For AltspaceVR this means better account vetting, more robust verification systems, and reliable authentication processes. One of Microsoft’s top priorities is customer trust and Microsoft Accounts are designed to help give you peace of mind.

Better Features and Better Experiences

Having enhanced privacy and security technologies also allows us (and you) to do more cool stuff in AltspaceVR. Microsoft Account integration gives us the ability to start working on long-awaited features that help artists and creators get paid. Better security also means that we can help make features like the web-projector, holoportation, and even private events more reliable. That opens the doors of opportunity for a lot of people and a lot of different types of events.

A Big Step Up

Beginning today you will now be able to use your Microsoft login to access your AltspaceVR account. We’re starting small but plan on rolling out access to this feature in phases throughout the next few months.

If you’re already opted-in to the Early Access Program, we encourage you to start exploring Microsoft Account migration today. Eventually Microsoft Account integration will become available for all users, and by Spring 2021 it will become the default login process in AltspaceVR.

Phase 1: Early Access Only

Microsoft Account integration will become available as an Early Access* feature for all who are currently opted-in to the program.

You can opt in to the Early Access Program anytime by launching AltpsaceVR and navigating to the Main Menu > Settings > General > Participate in Early Access. You may also opt-out of the Early Access Program anytime.

Phase 2: Optional Availibility

Microsoft Account integration will become an available option for all AltspaceVR account holders using 2D on PC, HTC Vive, WMR devices, Oculus Rift/Rift-S, and Oculus Quest/Quest 2. Those with the account linking enabled will begin to see a roll out of specialty features.

Phase 3: All Accounts

Microsoft Account integration will become the standard for logging into AltspaceVR.

Embarking Together

We’re incredibly excited about integrating Microsoft Accounts, and are grateful to the many individuals who have pushed us to keep growing. Since AltspaceVR’s acquisition by Microsoft in 2017, we have been working to ready ourselves for the level of growth and expansion that we all knew was possible. In many ways, this update is a dream coming true. For AltspaceVR, Microsoft Account integration is a huge leap in the direction of our future– our collective, interconnected, empowered, Mixed Reality future.

Next Steps

We look forward to taking this leap together and charting new territories in the social VR and virtual entertainment spaces. We will be posting major announcements in the weeks to come on our Discord, on our blog, and via newsletter. Please keep an eye out for these updates.

To get started linking your Microsoft and AltspaceVR accounts today, check out our support article “Microsoft Account Linking” for full step-by-step instructions. There, you’ll also find a helpful FAQ. If you need troubleshooting support, reach out to our Help Desk.

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