Moderation Gets a Modest Makeover: Better Messaging, More Details, and Event Reporting

Posted on April 14, 2020

At AltspaceVR we are deeply committed to prioritizing the comfort and safety of our users. As the world, our community, and social VR continue to evolve, moderation remains a staple necessity. While we are unique in staffing in-VR with real people who can help in real time, this does not diminish the need for moderation features that are available to all users. Our Campfire Admins are available to help when you need it, and our Design and Development teams have built tools that you can use to manage your comfort level when you’re in AltspaceVR. From basic features like “Kick,” “Personal Space Bubble,” and “Block” to more intricate features like the “Toggle Stage Blocker” and “Mute All” options available through the Host Panel- we’re continuing to focus on your safety and comfort, evolving moderation to best suit the needs of our growing community.

Today we’re excited to announce a modest moderation makeover, which includes updates to messaging, better feature functionality, and a more streamlined reporting system. We hope these updates offer you a little more control over your experience. As a reminder, our moderation team can always be contacted directly at, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need to get in touch with our team for any reason.

Event Reporting

As our community calendar continues to grow- with more regular events happening in AltspaceVR than ever before- we recognized the need for a “Report Event” feature. Located behind the “Info” button, the newly added “Report” button will give you an opportunity to share your concern about a specific event. If you ever find an event that violates our Community Standards, let us know!

Report has Other selected with reason: This event made me smile. This event made me smile so much my cheeks hurt.

Unlike the user in this screenshot, please use reports wisely and submit them to share serious concerns. You may only submit one report per event.

The “Report” button will open up a larger dialogue, allowing you to share your report reasons with us and the event host. Once your report is submitted, the host will receive a message notifying them of the reason for your report. In the light-hearted example above, you can see that Yunji will be notified that someone thinks her event is “too much fun.” 😉 Remember, our moderation team will also get the message.

More Details

Although being Kicked, Suspended, or Banned from AltspaceVR is never fun, we’ve added better dialogue messaging to help make things feel a little more clear. In the spirit of giving everyone the benefit of the doubt, now users who are removed from an event or environment are given some contextual information to help them understand what went wrong.

Panel says 'You were kicked from the space by a host or moderator. Here's what they reported: 'Swearing'. You are unable to enter at this time. Contact for help.'

Better Messaging

Because accidents happen and we believe in second chances, we’ve also updated the “Kick” feature for event hosts and moderators. Similar to the Report Event feature, as a host or moderator you will have the opportunity to let someone know why they’re being kicked out of your event. Additionally, now you can decide whether you’d like to allow them re-entry or not.

Kick Feature User interface.

Choose a reason for your kick, and decide if you’d like to allow re-entry into your event.

It’s our hope that these improvements and updates make your life a little better in AltspaceVR. We’d love to hear any feedback you might have, also! In the meantime, we’ll continue to work on making moderation easier, and thank you for your help in the process.

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