Empowered Hosting: FrontRow Expansion, Room Cap Increases, and Updates to Channels

At AltspaceVR, we strive to build technology that gives people the power and the freedom to bring their visions to life, and to make meaningful connections with others along the way. Events are central to this, as they are where connection and expression manifest regularly. As our calendar continues to fill up, we are on a mission to support, at scale, the many needs of our growing community. So today, we’re announcing some updates and changes geared toward empowering event hosts.

Expanding Access to FrontRow

As part of this mission to build tools that empower creators to do more, we’re expanding access to FrontRow! For those unfamiliar with our FrontRow technology, this feature allows an event to be ‘mirrored’ across multiple instances in order to easily scale beyond room capacities and accommodate large audiences. This means that starting today, all event hosts can convert their events into FrontRow events right from the comfort of their Host Panel. No more tickets, applications, or waiting for approval. With expanded access, all of the FrontRow functions become part of the hosting flow.

Learn more about how to convert and manage your event with FrontRow in our latest help article, Scaling Your Audiences with the FrontRow Feature.

Adjusting Room Capacity

When hosting an event, one of the key details is knowing the capacity of your environment. At AltspaceVR, we understand that no two events are alike, and the key to success for many hosts is having more control over their initial event setup. Starting next week, we will be updating default room capacities across all environments to 50 avatars. So whether you’re choosing an AltspaceVR template or a self-built world, you can expect a uniform room capacity of 50. This change gives everyone a little room to grow 😉. The uniformity of a 50 avatar room capacity across all spaces takes the guesswork out of the setup process and helps establish a fair and equal guideline for all event hosts– one that balances performance quality and event quality in equal measure. And for those hosts who are really seeing their crowd numbers rise, expanded access to FrontRow makes it possible to keep going!

While often growth can be a sign of success, we understand that in some cases having a more intimate or smaller setup might actually be preferable. Even some FrontRow events might benefit from smaller, individual rooms. This is why next week, we’ll also be changing the event creation flow on altvr.com by adding a room capacity drop-down and letting hosts choose what’s best for them. Available capacities will range from 20-50 for Main Events and 10-50 for non-Main Events, and can be adjusted by hosts as needed.

Updates to Channels

Lastly, as the number of serial events continues to expand and many content-creators are eager to continue to grow their own communities of interested audiences, we recognize the value that Channels offer. Channels make it easy for subscribers to know when new events are listed, and even give hosts an overview of metrics and analytics across their entire event history. They’re a great way to grow an audience and build a following.

To give our hosts a little boost, we have elevated Popular Channels to be the default tab, replacing the formerly Featured tab. Popular channels are also now viewable even if you’re not logged in on the website. Ordered by number of subscribers, these channels make the discoverability of AltspaceVR’s most popular event series even easier.

For those who are newer on the scene, we have also launched a “New” tab under Channels to give greater visibility to the up-and-coming hosts, series, and events in AltspaceVR. The newest channels will appear at the top of the list, making it nice and easy to scope out all of the latest additions.

To create a channel, log into your account on altvr.com, go to the “Channels” tab, and select “Create.”

As always, we’re wishing you happy hosting and we’ll be keeping an eye out for any feedback you have for our team.