Introducing Weekly #AltVRWomen Meet-up

Posted on April 5, 2018

Conversation continues on #AltVRWomen
Every Wednesday in AltspaceVR

In celebration of International Women’s Day, AltspaceVR created a new monthly forum for Women In MR/VR/AR. On March 8th, women and men from around the globe gathered under a virtual skylight to discuss the future of immersive technology (XR) and how it will impact our relationship to media and social interactivity.

Today’s meet-up was an open space. We went around the room in VR, introduced ourselves and the projects that keep us hustling at night. We met with creators, developers, camera engineers, game designers, and recent-grads curious about the medium. VR/AR/MR is ever growing. People came from all different industries to talk about their experiences with XR and the need to create a safe space for women in social VR. Our meet-ups are accessible to VR users on the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Daydream by Google, Samsung Gear VR, in 2D mode on MAC/PC as well as Microsoft’s Mixed Reality.

Every Wednesday, AltspaceVR will host an #AltVRWomen meet-up. This space will be open for conversation and collaboration. Join us as we shape this virtual community.

“I am passionate about the actions women can take in VR to elevate the conversation. This is a radical opportunity to intervene at the beginning of a new medium and there’s so much work we can do as a collective to inform and influence gender bias while giving women opportunities and fight for equal representation.”

— Becky Haruyama, AltspaceVR Events & Community Strategist.

Women In VR AltspaceVR

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