New Commons Hubs are Packed with Conversation Starters

Posted on October 9, 2020

There’s something magical about finding yourself deep in conversation with a new friend. Realizing that the things you love, care about, and find funny or important also resonate with someone else is a great feeling. But getting there can be hard. If you’re hungry for some conversation, look no further. Today we’re announcing the Grand Opening of our Commons Hubs, two brand new spaces dedicated to giving you a regular dose of relevant conversation starters and a place to chat and mingle.

The Commons Hubs will be open 24/7, much like our classic Campfire Hub and will be regularly updated with the latest in news, trends, entertainment, and more. In addition to interactive Trending Boards, each space features a live Community Poll so you can cast a vote, share an opinion, and see how your tastes and preferences compare to others’ in AltspaceVR.

Find all the Hubs in the DISCOVER section of your Main Menu.

Trending News Commons

Dedicated to the latest dispatches, the Trending News Commons is packed with timely conversation starters. Inspired by that classic newsroom aesthetic, this hub world features all things current, trending, viral, and top-of-mind. The space consists of five distinct sections, including:

  • Lifestyle – From health & fitness to Crafts and Fashion,
  • Sports – Keep score on everything from the gridiron to the grandstands.
  • Community – Spotlighting milestones, creations, and Altspacers!
  • Featured News – Featuring major headlines, news, and announcements.
  • A live poll – Share your thoughts on a variety of fun topics.

Interior of the Trending News Commons.

Entertainment Commons

Every culture vulture needs a place to let their geek flag fly free. The Entertainment Commons is the central spot to catch up on the latest from the titans of entertainment. With clever nods to the old-school aesthetics of local arcades and record shops, this space features several sections, including:

  • Gaming – From Indie releases to Triple-A, and everything in between.
  • TV/Movies – Covering everything from the small screen to the silver screen.
  • Music/Books – All the bops, hits, and jams; and some proper page-turners too.
  • A live poll – See what the hive mind is chattering about.

Cozy interior of the Entertainment Commons.

Hop into the Commons Hubs today!

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